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Dimensions 177.2 x 45 x 41.8 cm
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Accessories made of Corian® - Let yourself be enchanted by the advantages

The solid surface material Corian® inspires on many different levels, which is why the material can be used excellently for the most diverse purposes. The accessories made of the quality material thus always inspire all along the line.

For example, to combine a practical seat with a functional storage surface, the side table and stool "nuc" offers the optimal solution. The freestanding mirror "ADORE", on the other hand, fits wonderfully in your bathroom as well as in the bedroom or dressing room.

You dream of an extended breakfast in bed? Then the "dina" or "vari'32n" trays are sure to become your absolute favorites. You can also create practical storage surfaces with the "vari'48" tray - no matter in which area of your household you want to use the high-quality accessories made of Corian®.

The convincing advantages of the material provide daily added value that you will certainly not want to do without in the future. Thanks to the restrained white color scheme and the extremely pleasant soft and gentle feel of Corian®, accessories made of the solid surface material fit perfectly into every area of your life

Corian® - Impressive advantages that you benefit from every day

The original Corian® from DuPont, which is used for the high-quality accessories for your personal wellness oasis, impresses with its many advantages that will pamper you every day

The surface of Corian® is non-porous, which creates an antibacterial protective layer. The hygienic properties, which play a particularly important role in the bathroom, are therefore outstanding. Cleaning the material is also extremely easy and simple

In addition, the solid surface material impresses with its impressive stability and durability. If, in the course of time, improper handling should result in minor damage or slight scratches on the resistant surface of Corian®, these can be removed without much effort by using fine sandpaper or a conventional scouring pad.