"Whiz" vanity unit wild oak u. Metal black | Pure
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Width 80 cm – 180 cm
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"Sam² | Pure" upright vanity unit in wild oak
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Width 60 cm – 120 cm
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"Geo | Spa Ambiente®" solid wood upright vanity unit
Width 100 cm – 160 cm
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"Genero | Spa Ambiente®" upright vanity unit in solid wood
Width 80 cm – 100 cm
from 2.461,00 €
30 Designs Made to order
"Sam | Pure" vanity unit wild oak black upright
-36 %
Width 80 cm – 120 cm
1.850,00 € from 1.189,00 €
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"Genero | Spa Ambiente®" upright vanity unit
Width 120 cm – 200 cm
from 3.096,00 €
300 Designs Made to order

For the highest possible flexibility in the bathroom: standing bathroom vanity units from Spa Ambiente

After a busy and stressful day, most people probably only want one thing: to relax at home to their heart's content, so as to gather new energy for the day ahead. The design of the home four walls is in this context of course of great importance. One room that should be particularly in focus is the bathroom. With the help of the right furnishings, a very personal spa and wellness oasis can also be created in the bathroom at home - however, some requirements must be met for this. These include, for example, that the bathroom always gives a neat and tidy impression. However, this special room naturally contains numerous products and utensils that are necessary for everyday body care and hygiene. Accordingly, it is a matter of storing them both stylishly and functionally. Spa Ambiente offers an extremely varied and comprehensive range of bathroom furniture of the highest quality. Those who place special emphasis on high flexibility and easy assembly of their bathroom furniture should choose a standing bathroom vanity unit. Such a cabinet can be found at Spa Ambiente in many different designs, finishes and dimensions.

Standing bathroom vanity units for maximum functionality and generous storage space

If you want your home bathroom to have a stylish, cozy and inviting atmosphere that promises the highest comfort in the course of daily bathroom use, a standing bathroom cabinet from Spa Ambiente is the ideal choice. Bathroom vanity units are usually placed below the sink. This allows you to benefit from the great advantage that no additional space in the bathroom is lost due to the piece of furniture. However, thanks to their design, Spa Ambiente's standing vanity units can be moved around the room as needed. Their assembly is very simple and fast, because they do not require mounting on the wall. Spa Ambiente offers, for example, versions of vanity units with drawers or with a washbasin. If the washbasin is firmly connected to the bathroom furniture, it is ensured that the two furnishing models are ideally matched and fit together, supporting a harmonious overall appearance in the room

Sufficient storage space for tidy and neat bathroom ambience

The materials and designs in which Spa Ambiente offers the popular bathroom vanity units are highly impressive in terms of their variety and versatility. For example, standing bathroom vanity units made of solid wood are particularly popular. This natural material is characterized by its very special effect in the bathroom, because it significantly supports a harmonious and timeless atmosphere. Thus, in the future it will no longer be a problem to recharge your batteries in the bathroom in no time and let your soul dangle to your heart's content. However, Spa Ambiente does not offer high-quality standing sink vanity units only in wooden versions. In addition, other stylish and modern designs are also very popular, such as bathroom furniture in white or white/high gloss. Customers thus benefit from an exceedingly large and extensive selection of different standing vanity units for their individual bathroom design. The new bathroom vanity unit standing can be chosen entirely according to personal taste or the already prevailing style of living.

Find any furniture in the appropriate dimensions

Rooms that turn out rather smaller, of course, benefit from smaller dimensions of the standing bathroom vanity unit. For example, in the form of sink with a base cabinet standing 60 cm wide. Larger bathrooms can also be equipped with wider models, such as the standing vanity unit in 120 cm or 80 cm width. With the help of a high-quality and stylish bathroom vanity unit, the daily bathroom comfort can be noticeably increased. It provides enough storage space, which allows you to neatly store all the utensils and products in the bathroom, especially if it is a rather large model. Since all base cabinets are characterized by their high quality - both in terms of material and workmanship - they support an invigorating and at the same time relaxing ambience in the bathroom.

Always perfectly matched to individual requirements

Personal taste should always be the focus when selecting bathroom furniture - after all, feeling good represents an extremely individual feeling. Nevertheless, the functionality of the furnishing elements for the bathroom must not be neglected. However, these requirements can be easily met by Spa Ambiente offering its customers numerous different designs, versions and dimensions in the area of vanity units. For example, the vanity unit in white or with drawers. In the latter model, the high-quality drawers ensure that the new bathroom furniture convinces not only by its appearance, but also by its pleasant feel when opening the drawers all along the line. As well as closed cabinets, the drawers also ensure that the common bathroom utensils can be stored completely invisible. The installation method of standing bathroom vanity cabinets also provides advantages not to be despised due to the already mentioned advantage that they can always be moved freely in the room depending on the current needs. An elegant and high-quality spatial effect is also promoted by them to the highest degree.