"Yago" tall cabinet wild oak | Pure
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"Whiz" tall unit wild oak + metal black | Pure
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"Loft" shelf series Pure wild oak + metal black | Pure
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Expressive solitaire: your bathroom tall cabinet in black

Order is half the battle. This sentence is especially true wherever things have to be done quickly. On occasions in our daily routine, where ideally every handle fits, so that we do not lose valuable time, we are happy and grateful if we have the things we need quickly at hand. This is true, for example, in the kitchen, when we want to quickly prepare breakfast or a snack for in between. It is especially true in the hallway, where we take a last look in the mirror, quickly grab the jacket and the key. The bathroom is also a place where it often has to go quickly. For example, in the morning, when we have to go to work, get the kids ready for school, and at the same time our partner wants to shave or brush his teeth at the sink. The bathroom is especially in the morning a place where it can come to one or the other traffic jam. For this reason, tidiness in the bathroom is not only desirable, but necessary. Because if everyone knows where the things are that he or she needs right now, you do not stand around unnecessarily in front of drawers or shelves and search. To keep things in good order, you need the right storage furniture. Ideally, these are bathroom base cabinets and bathroom tall cabinets, in which you can store your bathroom utensils well sorted on shelves or in pull-outs. Drawers have the great advantage that they can be pulled out very far and you can see at a glance whether what you are looking for is inside. So the hiding game with hairbrush & Co. is quickly history. A very practical bathroom furniture, because it takes up little floor space, is a bathroom tall cabinet. Very elegant and expressive looks a bathroom tall cabinet in black. You can use it wonderfully as a solitaire. This means that the black bathroom tall cabinet does not necessarily have to be part of the rest of the bathroom equipment, but may stand out like a very special eye-catcher from the interior. A bathroom tall cabinet in black is in any case an unusual and exclusive piece of furniture in your bathroom, with which you underline a modern interior style and your courage to an unusual and exclusive bathroom solution.

Variety of models in black: variant bathroom tall cabinets

What applies to bathroom tall cabinets in general, also applies to tall cabinets in black: there is an exceptionally wide range of variants and models. This starts with the fact that not all black is the same - from a rich deep black to softer shades of black or combinations with other colors and woods, many varieties of bathroom tall cabinets in black are available. A bathroom tall cabinet with a black high-gloss front is exceptionally expressive. Especially if this front is designed handleless, that is, has no handles, but is opened by light pressure on the front. Glossy black looks very elegant and high-quality. But also matt black fronts have their special charm. They harmonize particularly well with natural woods, such as oak or maple. The contrast of black surfaces and the grain of the woods makes for an exciting interplay. Black bathroom tall cabinets are available in many different sizes. There are models that are equipped with drawers and those that have doors. A combination of drawers and doors is also possible. Depending on what you want to store in your bathroom cabinet, either an outfit with shelves or rather one with drawers is suitable. Before making your choice, consider how exactly you want to equip your bathroom tall cabinet in black. In width and depth, tall cabinets are also available in many different dimensions. Use the available space optimally, then you will certainly enjoy your bathroom cabinet as many years

A strong character choice - your black tall cabinet for the bathroom

Like white and gray, black also belongs to the so-called achromatic colors. It evokes many associations, not all of which are positive. As the antithesis of white, black tends to stand for evil or wrong. However, it is also associated with positive things. For example, the black chimney sweep is said to be touched for good luck. Black is a powerful color that demonstrates strength and pushes itself to the center. A bathroom tall cabinet in this achromatic color is not a subtle or understated piece of furniture. When you choose such a present and dominant piece of furniture, you also reveal something about yourself. A black bathroom furniture is a statement that requires courage and self-confidence. By placing a tall cabinet in black in your bathroom, you will show these character qualities. In furnishings, black is a color that tends to be masculine and requires a bright team player in any case. Often to black is chosen complementary color white. However, wood also has a pleasant balancing effect in combination with fronts in black. Do not be afraid to prove your modernity and courage with a bathroom tall cabinet in black. You can find many models and model variants for it at Spa Ambiente and also order them online right away.