Bathroom tall cabinet in gray - ideal for modern bathrooms

Are you currently planning the extensive redesign of your bathroom? Then, before you make the choice for your new bathroom furniture, get inspired by the latest trends and trendy designs in the field of bathroom design. Especially in the field of bathroom design - that is, furniture and not sanitary objects - a lot has happened in recent years. The bathroom has evolved from being purely functional as a space for personal hygiene and has risen to become a place where we want to feel comfortable and where we like to linger. Some use their bathroom as a gym, others as a wellness temple. Of course, this also means that today's bathroom has to perform completely differently and is therefore furnished completely differently than it was about 10 to 20 years ago. Bathrooms in new buildings today are also significantly larger than they used to be. In addition, new materials are used, such as Corian, river stone or solid wood. The color palette for the bathroom has also grown mightily. What used to be predominantly white, sand, cream and beige may now shine with pleasure in accent colors. However, the bathroom furnishings should not be too colorful, because you must remember that you will keep them for many years, if not decades. The easiest way to make it fresh, fun and colorful is with cheerful bathroom textiles and accessories. In addition to new materials and styles for your bathroom, you will also be spoiled for choice when it comes to furnishing elements. It goes without saying that you will plan a washbasin for your new bathroom: with or without a vanity unit, with a recessed or surface-mounted washbasin, completed by a mirror and, of course, with matching fittings. There will also be room for a toilet and accessories as well as a shower and/or bathtub in your new bathroom. In addition, you need to decide how you want to store your bathroom utensils. A tall bathroom cabinet is particularly suitable for this purpose. In a bathroom tall cabinet you can store a lot in a small space. On shelves, in open shelves or in drawers they offer storage space in height. A bathroom tall cabinet in subtle gray matches many of the trendy interior design trends. The advantage of a tall cabinet in gray, in addition to the space and storage space gained, is the restrained color tone, which can be combined with almost any interior style. Gray or anthracite look noble with woods of all kinds, they contrast with white and also form a businesslike basis for colorful accents.

Bathroom tall cabinets in gray - an eye-catcher

Gray is generally considered a non-color. The mix of black and white has the image of being technical and boring for many. In reality, the opposite is true. Gray is a color with an extraordinary number of facets and nuances. From very subtle and almost white light gray to deep anthracite, the color gray is represented in almost all brightness gradations and shades. There are shades of gray that appear cool and businesslike, but also those that have a warm and lively aura. If you have chosen a new bathroom tall cabinet in gray, enjoy all the benefits that this neutral shade brings. A gray furniture front, gray doors or drawer fronts harmonize very well with plain white furniture carcasses or those made of light woods. In any case, a gray front on your bathroom tall cabinet will add an interesting accent and make the furniture even more attractive as an eye-catcher. The bathroom cabinets are available in two finishes: in gray/high gloss and in gray/matte. The difference in effect is immense. A matte finish has a more architecturally businesslike character. High-gloss gray surfaces, on the other hand, look elegant and luxurious. Depending on the impression you want to emphasize in your bathroom, choose a bathroom tall cabinet with either matte or high-gloss fronts. When it comes to the dimensions of a bathroom cabinet, a lot is possible. They come from quite narrow to very wide, with little or a lot of depth and, of course, in quite different heights. Choose your gray tall cabinet so that you gain optimal storage space at the same time and your bathroom does not look cluttered. At Spa Ambiente you will find the right models for this.

The balancing effect of gray

The color gray is said to have a calming, harmonizing and balancing effect. Gray is the color of twilight, the mediator between day and night. Thus, gray fits well into our bathrooms, which we use mostly after getting up and before going to bed. The time, therefore, in which often still or already again twilight prevails. Also due to its balancing effect, this color tone is ideally suited for modern bathrooms, in which the experience of peace and well-being is now more important than pure personal hygiene. Especially to bright white, which presents itself as pure and hygienic, gray is a pleasantly calm team player in your bathroom, breaking the austerity of white and adding a dose of serenity. If you have chosen a gray bathroom tall cabinet, you will benefit from the practical, functional advantages of a bathroom tall cabinet as well as from the color psychological property of the shade gray.