"Reece | Pure" wild oak tall bathroom cabinet
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795,00 € 445,00 € Weight 6 kg
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"Nora" tall unit wild oak | Pure
-27 %
1.295,00 € 940,00 € Weight 16 kg
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"Yago" tall cabinet wild oak | Pure
-40 %
1.875,00 € 1.345,00 € Weight 17 kg
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"Mero plus | Spa Ambiente®" solid wood tall bathroom cabinet
from 2.124,00 €
10 Designs Made to order
"Geo" solid wood tall bathroom cabinet | Spa Ambiente
from 2.375,00 €
10 Designs Made to order
"Siro" solid wood tall bathroom cabinet | Spa Ambiente
from 2.151,00 €
10 Designs Made to order
"Whiz" tall unit wild oak + metal black | Pure
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Dimensions 35 x 35 x 180 cm
2.195,00 € 1.695,00 € * Weight 35 kg
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"Yago" tall unit wild oak | Pure
-42 %
1.780,00 € 1.250,00 € Weight 17 kg
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"Loft" shelf series Pure wild oak + metal black | Pure
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545,00 € from 517,00 € Weight 16.5 kg
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Bring nature into the bathroom with a tall cabinet made of wood

A life in harmony with nature - that is the wish of the younger generation in particular. Many already pay attention to the ecologically safe origin of the food they buy, or they eat vegetarian or vegan anyway. It should be ecological and organic. In the furnishings, too, attention is paid to the origin of the materials used. Wood, for example, should come from local forests and be sustainably reforested. A trend that naturally does not stop at the bathroom. Here, special care is taken to ensure that faucets and toilet flushes use the valuable resource water sparingly in order to waste as little of the precious water as possible. As in other living areas, the furnishings are natural and ecologically sound. That is why wood is particularly popular as a material for surfaces. Among the most popular furnishing elements are a washbasin with a vanity unit and another piece of storage furniture - mostly a bathroom tall cabinet and especially fond of wood. When choosing the wood for the bathroom tall cabinet, solid wood is preferred. Due to a particularly robust and yet natural surface treatment, the use of wood in the bathroom is no longer a problem. A bathroom tall cabinet made of solid wood is for many the highlight in their bathroom. The piece of furniture looks original and is very present due to its size and attracts attention. Thus, it automatically puts its natural stamp on the entire bathroom. Especially those who want to live in harmony with nature will enjoy such a wooden bathroom tall cabinet for a long time. A suitable selection of wooden bathroom tall cabinets offers the company Spa Ambiente at good prices and convenient online ordering

Plenty of storage space in a natural look

Whether you prefer the light Scandinavian country house style in your bathroom or you prefer a modern interior, you will definitely find a wooden bathroom tall cabinet matching your favorite interior style at Spa Ambiente. The selection of woods for your bathroom tall cabinet in wood is large and varied. You will find models in solid wood, in white wood, in solid wood in white with a finish wax or oil, as well as bathroom tall cabinets in wood oiled. Draw from these options to find the bathroom tall cabinet made of wood that is just right for your practical needs and visual desires. To do this, you should first do a needs analysis. Take a look at all the things you currently store in your bathroom furniture. Maybe just put them on the dining table, and then make smaller groups of things that thematically belong together and that you want to accommodate together. This way, you'll see fairly quickly how many individual accommodations you need. Based on this number, then decide whether you want to equip your wooden bathroom cabinet with compartments or rather with drawers. On compartments, towels and bath sheets in particular have an ideal storage space. On the other hand, drawers are more practical for small items such as hairbrushes, make-up utensils or cosmetic products. There are also helpful inserts for drawers, in which you can sort particularly small things into individual compartments. If you have found out in this way how large and with what equipment your tall wooden cabinet should be, you can start to choose the surface. Here, only your taste decides. Whether the wood surface should show a strong grain or rather a fine one, whether you prefer a light or dark wood, all this depends entirely on your preferred style and taste. At Spa Ambiente you will find a suitable bathroom tall cabinet made of wood for every natural interior style, which you can also conveniently configure and order online.

Domestic woods are particularly popular

For damp rooms such as the bathroom or also in the kitchen and on the terrace, solid, dimensionally stable types of wood are particularly suitable. They are naturally antibacterial and do not wash up, but release absorbed moisture again or have a water-repellent effect. The correct surface treatment and care of the woods are important. Due to the increased awareness in our society for sustainability, much more emphasis is now placed on domestic woods in furniture construction than ever before. This also applies to bathroom furniture - especially tall cabinets made of wood, since the natural material is used here on a particularly large area. Among the domestic woods that are particularly popular both in furniture construction and in the bathroom are oak, beech, ash, spruce, pine and larch. They all differ in their color and the structure of their grain. Each wood shows its own character and adds an individual touch to your interior. What they all have in common is that they have their home in Germany and therefore do not have to travel long distances to be processed into a high-quality piece of furniture. When you choose a wooden tall cabinet, also check where the wood for this piece of furniture comes from.