"Livia" vanity top oak wild with tree edge
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Width 50 cm – 160 cm
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"Solid | Spa Ambiente®" vanity top in wild oak with Tree edge - made to measure
Width 50 cm – 200 cm
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"Flow | Spa Ambiente®" solid wood vanity top
Width 80 cm – 200 cm
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"Solid | Spa Ambiente®" vanity top in wild oak without Tree edge - made to measure
Width 50 cm – 200 cm
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154 Designs Made to order

Oak vanity tops - in league with nature

No wood is as popular with us in Germany as oak. One reason for this is certainly that in this country everyone knows this strong, solid tree with characteristic leaves and round fruit. It is sung about in songs and, by all accounts, defies all difficulties and dangers. What is carved from this wood stands firm and cannot be bent. With this positive image, oak wood has made it into all living areas. Dining tables, chairs, wardrobes, shelves, beds, chests of drawers and sideboards - there is hardly a piece of furniture that is not available in oak. For some years now, oak has also continued its triumphant advance in German bathrooms. Here, wood in general, and thus also oak, was considered problematic for a long time because it could swell due to high humidity and splash water. However, these times are now definitely over, because the surface finishes of modern bathroom furniture made of oak have evolved and can now easily withstand the humidity commonly found in bathrooms. This is particularly evident in the popular oak vanity tops. This is a thick shelf, on which the sink is visually loosely placed. The vanity top is naturally exposed to splashing water and small puddles. As soon as you wash your hands, individual drops of water remain on the shelf surface. With a vanity top from Spa Ambiente, none of this is a problem, because the surfaces are carefully treated, for example, with a triple finish with a high-quality varnish specially designed for use in wet areas. Alternatively, Spa Ambiente's oak vanity tops can be colored with a 2K oil, which also makes them highly resistant to water and moisture.

Oak vanity tops are available in any desired size

Not all bathrooms are the same. One presents itself as a wellness temple, the other as a tiny wet cell. And yet everyone wants to get the most out of their bathroom. If you have a lot of space, this seems quite simple at first glance. If, on the other hand, you don't have enough square meters, you'll need a few clever ideas to get a chic look, enough storage space and all the necessary sanitary elements under one roof. Fortunately, the bathroom industry has been developing special products for small rooms for several years now. With these, it is especially important that the small bathroom does not look too cluttered. A nice solution in this case is a vanity top with an attached sink. Oak wood is the perfect material for this, because it radiates warmth and naturalness, looks noble and can wonderfully handle the moisture in the bathroom. At Spa Ambiente you can find such oak vanity tops in a wide range of sizes from 40 to 200 cm. If you wish to have additional storage space, which can be especially useful in mini bathrooms, you can combine your vanity top with a base cabinet with drawers. At Spa Ambiente, you also have the option to order custom oak vanity tops. In this way, you will get a custom washbasin furniture completely according to your needs. Even those who do not have to pay attention to the square meters will get their money's worth with an oak vanity top. A model with a width of 200 cm, for example, is wonderfully suitable for an expansive double washbasin in a spacious family bathroom. The beauty of this is that despite its size, it doesn't look bulky or heavy if you forgo a vanity cabinet and instead create storage space elsewhere in the bathroom.

Eye-catcher: solid wood top with tree edge

Oak wood is not only hard and durable, it also has a particularly beautiful and characteristic grain that looks interesting and lively. To really showcase this, Spa Ambiente offers vanity tops with a visible tree edge. These vanity tops are models with a seemingly untreated front edge, which makes the original character of an oak board visible. Also knotholes and smaller cracks that are filled black, are part of the natural look of the vanity tops with tree edge. Of course, however, they are treated so that neither splinters can come loose nor moisture can penetrate into the wood. This is ensured by the thorough 3-times varnishing with a matt 2K varnish. Still, these solid oak countertops retain a slightly wild, unfinished charm that pairs wonderfully with countertop vanities made of natural stone or concrete. With a vanity top in oak with a tree edge, you are definitely opting for something special and will attract a lot of attention and admiration for your vanity.

The right team players for the oak vanity top

Now, of course, a storage surface alone is not yet an operational wash place. To go with your oak vanity top, you'll also need a matching sink, faucet, mirror, and accessories like a soap dispenser and toothbrush glasses. The design possibilities here seem limitless and ultimately anything you like is allowed. However, to ensure that the many individual parts end up creating a harmonious whole, it is advisable to follow a few basic rules. First of all, you need to be clear about the style in which you want to design your bathroom. It is advisable to use the other rooms of your house or apartment as a guide and to continue this style in the bathroom, otherwise the bathroom will stand out from the rest of the interior and that would be a pity. A vanity top made of oak can be light or dark, limed or oiled, with a tree edge or smoothly sanded. By deciding on one or another variant of the slab, you are simultaneously deciding on a style and, therefore, on the accessories that will match your vanity. If your choice has fallen on a bright, linear shelf, you should stay in the light Scandinavian interior world and opt for a white countertop sink and chrome-colored or also white faucets. The mirror could be round and echo the light oak wood in its frame. On the other hand, if you prefer a vanity top in a darker oak shade and with a tree edge, then a wash bowl made of dark natural stone will look good with it, combined with black faucets and a black-framed mirror. In this case, you would also choose the small accessories like soap dish & co. in black. The possibilities with a storage panel in oak are really great. Use them and discover your favorites at Spa Ambiente.