"Big Rock" freestanding bathtub made of river stone
-38 %
Dimensions 180 x 100 x 55 cm
6.495,00 € 3.995,00 € * Weight 1200 kg

A stone freestanding bathtub - exclusive momentum

The bathroom has gained enormous importance. It is for most people a place where, in addition to pure personal hygiene and care, they also like to relax and unwind a little. A full bath is particularly suitable for this purpose. For many, a bathtub with well-tempered water and a pleasantly scented bath additive is the epitome of a wellness moment at home. The central role in this bathing ritual is of course played by the bathtub. There is a wide range of bathtub models to choose from. There are corner bathtubs, particularly narrow bathtubs for hose baths, sit-down bathtubs, narrow tapered bathtubs and, to top it all off, the luxury models: freestanding bathtubs. A freestanding bathtub is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom. Whether it stands on lion's feet or directly on the floor, it occupies a central space in the bathroom and defines its look. A freestanding bathtub made of stone is particularly eye-catching and exclusive.

Freestanding bathtub made of stone perfectly set the scene

When it comes to freestanding bathtubs, there are models made of different types of stone. For example, marble and granite are among the natural stones from which freestanding bathtubs are made. They have an exclusive appearance, are very high quality and durable. Very popular are river stone bathtubs, which, with its irregular surface, sits enthroned in the bathroom like a rock in the surf. With a freestanding stone bathtub, you bring a piece of nature into the bathroom. The natural stone is treated to create a shapely and pleasantly smooth bathtub interior. The exterior of the stone, on the other hand, appears untreated, which makes for the unusual look. The freestanding stone bathtub is combined with a likewise freestanding faucet. This, in contrast to the tub, can be quite modern. Thus, it creates an interesting counterpoint to the look of the tub. Around your freestanding bathtub, it's best to design your unusual bathroom with a vanity that matches your freestanding natural stone bathtub in material and look. You can create storage space with bathroom tall cabinets as well as bathroom base cabinets . Here you need surfaces that do not compete with the natural stone. Glossy white fronts, for example, are very popular, but natural woods also look extremely beautiful with stone. They have the advantage that they counter the cool stone with their warmth. The result is a harmonious whole. Discover your freestanding tub at Spa Ambiente. Either online on the website or visit one of the showrooms in Lotte near Osnabrück, Berlin and Munich