Luxury bathroom - ideas and tips for planning

There are more and more people who want to experience the very special feeling of a luxury spa in their bathroom at home. Of course, when it comes to transforming the existing bathroom into a luxury bathroom, it all comes down to personal taste. However, some basic tips and great ideas exist, with the help of which the bathroom can be furnished and designed particularly luxurious. The best of them holds the following article.

Luxury into the bathroom - So it works

. The more carefully the planning of the new luxury bathroom, the easier the implementation will be afterwards. In a luxury bathroom basically fit a sauna, a whirlpool, a rain shower, stylish fixtures and a freestanding bathtub particularly well. In addition, however, it is also important to have a suitable lighting concept, attractive bathroom furniture and fine tiles. Additional extras, such as underfloor heating, then round off the true spa feeling in the home bathroom and transform it into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Planning the luxury bathroom

Regarding the planning of the luxury bathroom, the first step is recommended to sketch the floor plan of the room. On paper, it is easy to try out the different combinations and arrangements of the sink, toilet, bathtub and shower. This will make it easier to visualize the later result and try out different options for the bathroom design. If concrete ideas of the result are available as early as possible, this is a great help in realistically estimating the necessary work, the associated effort and the costs that have to be calculated for the luxury bathroom. If the project is not to be implemented on your own or help is needed for individual steps, professional assistance should be sought.

Luxurious bathroom experiences through sauna, whirlpool and rain shower

. Whether the bathroom is designed luxuriously can be seen by whether people spend a long time in the room and enjoy it. Thus, the bathroom should be furnished in any case depending on the very individual taste and personal needs and requirements. For example, some people like it classy and modern, so they lay beige or gray tiles in their new dream bathroom, which impress with their stone or concrete look. Those who prefer it more rustic and natural should go for a vanity top made of waxed or oiled wood and invest in very special vanity fixtures. For example, the comfort and luxury in the bathroom are increased by showers that have special shower heads, or even a freestanding bathtub. Basically, it is recommended to separate the area around the toilet from the rest of the room, so that the wellness and experience character of showering or bathing is always in focus. In addition, hygiene and comfort in the bathroom can be additionally increased by a modern shower toilet.

The rain shower

A rain shower creates the feeling of standing in a warm summer rain while showering. The models usually have a large-sized overhead shower, as well as an additional hand shower, the pressure of which is higher than that of the gentle rain shower of the overhead shower. The rain shower looks particularly noble and luxurious when it is implemented in an open shower area in a shower at ground level. In addition, the bathroom looks much larger directly due to the merging of the areas. Of course, this effect can also be achieved with all other types of showers.

The bathtub: freestanding or as a whirlpool

. Escape from the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life in hot water - a great bathtub provides this luxury. Freestanding models become an absolute visual highlight in the bathroom, in addition, they give the room an extremely spacious ambience. Those who choose a freestanding bathtub should also think about a shelf or a small table, where you can put shampoo, soap and a good book. If there is enough space in the bathroom and relaxation is a particularly high priority, a whirlpool can also be integrated into the luxury bathroom. This requires more space than a freestanding bathtub, but it provides a pleasant massage during bathing and also offers enough space for several people. The whirlpool tub, a combination of whirlpool and conventional bathtub, is a space-saving alternative to this.

Cozy warm moments thanks to underfloor heating, infrared cabin or sauna

. Some people can also relax wonderfully when they sweat. For these, the installation of an infrared cabin or a sauna in their new luxury bathroom is recommended. Through these, the quality of life in the four walls can be significantly increased. However, the purchase and installation is quite expensive and complex, so it should be well thought out. As a rule, a power connection is required for sauna heaters. Infrared cabins, on the other hand, can be operated with the normal household current of 230 volts. Besides, they require less space than a conventional sauna. Underfloor heating is another extra, which provides an extremely luxurious feeling in the bathroom. Cold feet are a thing of the past with underfloor heating. The underfloor heating can be particularly enjoyed, for example, if it is set to the morning rise time with the help of a timer.

Providing the right light - The right lighting in luxury bathrooms

. With regard to an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, the right lighting concept plays an extremely important role. In addition, of course, it provides practical and uniform illumination of the room. Thus, when designing the luxury bathroom, it is recommended to rely not only on the classic ceiling lights, but also to attach additional lights directly to the mirror. In addition, other great accents can be set by dimmed mood lighting or individual LED spots. In principle, five light sources per room are considered sensible. With the lights themselves, of course, care should be taken to ensure sufficient brightness and a pleasant color of their light, so that they can best support the luxurious ambience in the bathroom. Further information: