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General questions

Where can I have a look at the goods?

We welcome customers to visit our bathroom showroom in Lotte near Osnabrück. Our showroom includes several bunks where we display our products. Feel free to make an appointment with us and plan your dream bathroom furniture with our young team of carpenters and sanitary experts. We look forward to meeting you!

Where does the offered goods come from?

Our solid wood bathroom furniture is produced in Germany, Europe and Indonesia. The offered washbasins, on the other hand, are produced in Indonesia and China. All steel products such as drains & siphons are produced in Vietnam and China. For products of other brands, please feel free to ask the respective manufacturer.


What is Spa Ambiente doing in terms of sustainability?

We specialize in natural stone products made of river stone, marble and granite. In addition, we distribute high-quality bathroom furniture made of solid wood in the best manufacturing quality. Our products come from sustainable and responsible manufacturing. For our bathroom furniture, we primarily rely on solid wood, a large part of which is obtained from sustainable forestry. In 2020, we have already manufactured 55% of our bathroom furniture locally. The wood used in the process comes from the Osnabrück area and we are working to ensure that this local share continues to grow.

More information

Our articles made of river stone come mostly from the island of Java - Indonesia. Already since 2001 we buy and manufacture our products there in close cooperation with the manufactures. With the origin of the raw materials decides the quality of the goods, therefore we attach importance to the best possible blanks with natural stones and pay attention very exactly to the fine differences in the purchase. Our furniture is made of teak, oak and walnut. The teak wood used, comes from reforestable sources, obtained in compliance with strict environmental aspects. The sources are regularly audited by governmental organizations for compliance with the criteria. SVLK/V-Legal Certificate: The law "European Union Timber Regulation" came into force on March 03, 2013 and prevents the use of illegally felled timber. The "V-Legal" seal means that the wood products are proven to be made of wood from the state forestry authority. The solid oak and walnut woods are sourced exclusively from EU countries, ensuring short transport routes. The protection of natural resources thus represents an important concern for Spa Ambiente.

Production conditions and quality


Through regular, personal visits to the manufactories, as well as constant and personal contact, we know about the working conditions in the production facilities. We buy exclusively directly from the manufacturers and not at trade fairs, so we know exactly about the origin of our goods. To deliver a good quality is a matter of course for us. All items are handmade and carefully controlled by different employees. Small imperfections are difficult to avoid in natural products, which are made by hand. This emphasizes the uniqueness of our products and makes the difference to mass-produced items.

Where can I find installation recommendations?

Our installation recommendations are updated and expanded regularly and can be found at

Materials and Care


Questions about a wide variety of materials & rock types


What is river stone?

River stone is an extremely robust natural stone from the tropical rivers of Indonesia. The often very imposing natural stone erratic blocks serve as the basis for natural stone sinks in different sizes and colorings. These colorings are created by the natural oxidation of the stone. River stone sinks are very easy to maintain and are available in many different sizes. This natural stone is excellent for making sinks, wash bowls, hand wash basins and countertop sinks due to its hardness and texture.


What is granite?

Granites are formed by the solidification of magma within the Earth's crust, usually at a depth of more than 2 km below the Earth's surface. In most cases, granites are not formed from the liquid material of the Earth's mantle, but from molten material of the lower crust. For the formation of magma chambers, periods of 10 - 15 million years must be reckoned with. The diversity of granite is enormous. By default, it can be said that natural granite stone is mostly gray, but there are also black granite (e.g. Nero Assoluto) or granites with special color inclusions. Granites belong to the most frequent rocks within the continental earth crust. They are found on all continents.

What is marble?

All decorative and polishable limestones are called marble. They are largely composed of calcium carbonate. This calcium compound is of organic and inorganic origin: calcareous deposits, such as coral reefs with the biocoenosis of plants and mollusks from the primordial oceans, have been deposited in different layers of the earth over millions of years by tectonic movements. Where this calcareous rock was pushed into the interior of the earth, it came under high pressure and had to withstand extreme temperatures. The limestone crystallized and over millions of years became true crystalline marble. Marble is one of the oldest natural stones used in interior design. It comes in many colors, veining, textures and degrees of hardness. Depending on the quality, it is used differently.

What is Corian®?

The solid surface material Corian®, which is manufactured by the renowned company DuPont, is suitable for use in the bathroom due to its wide range of positive properties like no other material. The Original Corian® has a non-porous surface, which creates an antibacterial property. The Original Corian® from DuPont inspires with its longevity and high durability. The original integrity of the material is thus always maintained - even if minor scratches or damage should occur. In this case, fine sandpaper or a scouring pad (Scotch-Brite) are sufficient to remove them in no time at all. The Corian® is a through-dyed material that we offer in Glacier White (white) and Deep Nocturne (black).

What is senstone®?

The solid surface material senstone® can be perfectly combined with the high-quality furniture made of natural materials, thanks to the matt, glossy and soft to the touch surface. Our products made of senstone® are resistant, absolutely UV stable (according to ISO 4892-2:2013) and are offered with a warranty of five years.


What makes Maxfine tiles stand out?

Compared to other large format tiles and natural stone large slabs, Maxfine tiles are very easy to process or cut. Maxfine tiles are also characterized by the fact that, thanks to their ceramic surface, they are very durable, hygienic and absolutely easy to clean. They are classically often used as floor or wall tiles, but also serve as wall cladding, countertops and vanity tops, furniture surfaces and much more.


Surface finishing


What does sandblasted mean?

Sandblasted means that the natural stone is sandblasted with a mixture of different grains, consisting of quartz-free substances. In the first step, the compressed air is cooled and dried, and then blasted onto the surface. Depending on the blasting material and the strength of the treatment, a rougher or finer surface can be achieved. The surface of the stone is refined by the sandblasting and given the desired effect. The sandblasted surface subsequently appears somewhat duller, but retains the characteristic radiance of the natural stone.

What does brushed mean?

The surface of the stone is treated with special brushes, in the bristles of which special abrasive grains are incorporated. The treatment results in a very fine, smoothed and silky-matte surface with a very special feel: the stone feels extremely supple. Nevertheless, a brushed stone still retains its natural surface structure at the base, whereas this is not the case with the strongly smoothing methods of polishing and grinding.

What does oiled mean?

Specially for solid wood furniture, an oiled surface is very attractive because it leaves the raw material wood its positive properties. The oil penetrates extremely well into the pores of the wood, but does not close them, so that the wood can continue to breathe. In addition, the oil stimulates the wood's own color pigments, so that the color character of the wood is particularly emphasized. Oiled solid woods are also characterized by a velvety feel.

Our wood species used


Our focus is on wooden bathroom furniture - walnut, plain/natural oak, wild oak and teak wood can be found in numerous designs and finishes.

Questions about the care of our products


How to clean and maintain river stone sink?

The smooth surface of natural stone sinks is extremely susceptible to acidic cleaning agents and chlorine. These attack the natural stone and destroy it permanently. The use of unsuitable cleaning agents will harm the natural stone sink and can cause extreme damage to the surface of the natural stone. It is recommended to regularly protect the surface of the wax basin from water and dirt by rubbing it with wax. Only neutral cleaners or cleaners labeled for natural stone should be used to clean the sinks.

How to clean and maintain granite sinks?

Granite thanks a little care. If you use a wiping care suitable for natural stone when cleaning, you care for the stone and extend the life of an impregnation. Impregnation is not a must, but a recommendation, because it protects granite from stains penetrating into the stone. Therefore, when applying an impregnation, the appearance does not change, the advantage is that liquids and dirt can no longer penetrate into the natural stone. However, if there are stains that are not so easy to remove, basic cleaner will help.

How to clean and maintain marble sinks?

A marble sink should be rubbed with wax and polished every now and then. The natural stone sink must be completely dry when processing with wax. A very small amount of care product is sufficient. The wax is best applied to the natural stone sink with a soft cloth and rubbed in. Chlorine, anti-lime agents, brightening solvents, as well as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide should never be used to care for marble, as these agents can severely damage the natural stone.

How do I clean and maintain Corian®?

Surfaces made of Corian® can usually be cleaned easily with a common, mild abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad (Scotch-Brite). In this way, soiling can be easily removed. Damage caused by accidental mishandling can also normally be repaired directly on site without having to replace the material.

How do I clean and maintain senstone®?

Sinks and bathtubs made of senstone® can usually be cleaned easily with a common, mild abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad (Scotch-Brite). In this way, soiling can be easily removed. Damage caused by accidental mishandling can also normally be repaired directly on site without having to replace the material.

How do I clean and maintain painted wood surfaces?

Proper care will extend the life of your furniture. Our bathroom furniture is sealed with environmentally friendly and high quality lacquers. This brings the best possible protection and you do not have to repeat this at regular intervals, as when using oil. Clean your furniture regularly with a damp cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain to best remove dust from the pores. Use soft, smooth cloths for cleaning, not microfiber cloths! Add only a little detergent, or very mild, acid-free cleaners to the rinsing water. For heavy soiling, you can also use color-neutral glass cleaner, if necessary dilute with water in advance. Ensure that the room is adequately ventilated. Liquids must not be allowed to stand on the surface and must be removed immediately to avoid swelling of the material and consequential damage. Remove aggressive ingredients in cosmetics immediately. If furniture comes into contact with ingredients, some of which are bleaching or greasy, they may alter the surface. Therefore, avoid contact or wipe it off immediately after contact.

How do I clean and maintain oiled wood surfaces?

Our oiled bathroom furniture and vanity tops are sealed with Rubio Monocoat 2K oil, which encloses the fibers of the wood, protecting the surface against water splashes. A consistent ecological approach combined with cutting-edge technology ensures that Rubio Monocoat oils are environmentally friendly, easy to use and of the highest quality. For maintenance, we recommend the Rubio MONOCOAT Easy Care Kit Furniture, matching the color tone you use. The box contains all the necessary products for cleaning, refreshing and maintenance.

How to care for Maxfine tiles?

General tips


For large, important surfaces with high traffic, which are therefore also subject to heavy soiling, the use of automatic cleaning machines with suction of the cleaning liquid is essential, since they not only allow deep cleaning, but also constantly remove the liquid with the dirt, avoiding the formation of any dirt or grease films, which are always difficult to remove. On the FMG materials, can be used all the detergents on the market in the desired concentration, with the exception of fluoric acid (HF) or similar products, according to UNI-EN 176.


Maintenance and care


Thanks to the production process used (high firing temperature, high quality raw material and sintering), the surface of FMG materials is practically completely water repellent (minimal moisture absorption). Therefore, dirt cannot penetrate the surface, but only needs to be removed from the surface. It is not advisable to use waxy cleaning agents or products for waxing for this purpose, to avoid the formation of oily layers.

For more information, see:


Questions about shipping, delivery & ordering


Are deliveries to foreign countries possible?

Yes, deliveries abroad are possible in principle. Please ask us for the individual conditions and you will receive a non-binding quote as soon as possible.

Where is my order confirmation?

You will receive your order confirmation after 48 hours at the latest to the e-mail address you have left. As an online retailer, we are required by law to send you an order confirmation immediately upon receipt of your order.

You will then additionally receive a separate order confirmation, which is then deemed to be acceptance of the contract.

If you have not received anything, please check your email spam folder.

Can I change the delivery address specified?

A subsequent change of the delivery address can be checked by us, provided that the goods are not yet in shipping. Please make the request using the button below and let us know the correct address.

Should a change not be possible, you will be informed accordingly.

How will my order be delivered?

Smaller order quantities and products are classically delivered by parcel service. Larger order quantities and products are shipped by freight forwarding usually on a pallet.


Can I pick up my goods myself?

Yes, in principle, the goods you ordered can also be picked up. To do so, please make an appointment and bring the order confirmation to the pickup. Important: The warehouse location does not correspond to the imprint address!

Can I set a delivery date?

Large pieces of furniture are delivered by shipping company. This will contact you to arrange a delivery date. Smaller pieces of furniture, on the other hand, will be delivered by parcel shipment. In this case, we cannot influence the delivery date. However, with parcel service providers such as DPD or DHL, you can track the shipping status online and, if necessary, define a drop-off location or another delivery option.

Where are my goods left?

If you are waiting for your goods longer than our confirmed delivery period, please contact us. Keep your customer number ready so that we can get to the bottom of the matter in more detail.

If you have ordered furniture with cutouts, drill holes or special dimensions, the delivery period will not start until we have received all the necessary data. We ask for your understanding.

My goods did not appear on the confirmed delivery date, what to do?

If this is the case, contact the respective delivery service with which you have arranged the agreed date. Have your shipment number ready.

Will the furniture be delivered assembled?

Most of our furniture is delivered pre-assembled. However, sparse pieces of furniture, such as tables, are not. For more information, please refer to the product descriptions of each item.

Can I change my order afterwards?

Changing an order after the fact is only possible to a limited extent.

The sooner you contact us, the higher the chance that your request can be considered. In any case, the term of your order will be extended by the subsequent change: this may mean a later delivery!

Can I use different billing and shipping addresses?

It is possible to specify a separate shipping address in the ordering process. With the help of this function, you can send our items, for example, as a gift to another delivery address and even receive the invoice conveniently at home. Please leave us for this purpose in the "note field" information.

I have received only part of my goods, what to do?

If you have presumably received only a part of your goods, please first compare the definite stock of the received goods with the number of ordered products from the order confirmation. For logistical reasons, your order may be divided into several deliveries. If definitely ordered items are missing, please write us an email or call us, so that the missing goods can be delivered as soon as possible.

How do I find out if an item is available?

Whether an item is in stock, you can see from the traffic light of each piece of furniture. Some furniture is made specially for you after you order.

For some products, such as manufacturing to order, the delivery time in advance can not be further narrowed down, because the products after your order accordingly fall into the respective production cycle of manufacturing - hence the indication in delivery time ranges. This is familiar to you from the classic furniture store.

Questions about current orders


I want to exchange goods already received, what to do?

You have a right of withdrawal for 14 days.

Within this time we need from you in writing that you want to withdraw from the purchase contract. Parcel goods are to be returned by you independently. For bulky goods, we can hire a freight forwarder to pick up the furniture back from you. As soon as we receive the goods, you will be refunded the payment you made before. For any charges, please refer to our AGB.

I want to cancel my order, what to do?

You can cancel your order at any time as long as the goods have not yet left our premises. We need the cancellation for this purpose please in writing from you. Any payments made will then be refunded as soon as possible. If you have already received the goods, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days.

What are the options in the event of a delay in delivery?

We always do our best to make sure your products reach you on time!

If there is a delay in delivery due to various factors after all, please forgive us! We will then contact you immediately and discuss the further procedure with you.

If you want to withdraw from your order due to the delay in delivery, you of course have the opportunity to do so at any time. You will then receive a credit note from us immediately.

Questions about payment processing


Which payment methods can I use?

Our customers benefit from secure payment methods. Whether prepayment, PayPal or AmazonPay - with us you enjoy full flexibility.

In summary, we offer the following payment methods:

  • Pre-payment
  • PayPal
  • PayPal purchase on account
  • Credit card
  • AmazonPay

What if the invoice amount does not match the order value?

We have people working for us and we are certainly not infallible. If your invoice has discrepancies, please contact us and we will find a solution together quickly and easily.

When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive the invoice shortly after the goods have been successfully delivered.

Questions about returns & complaints


What to do if the ordered goods arrive damaged?

If your goods arrived damaged, please send us photos of the damaged area with a brief description. Please make sure that the photos show all or most of the product, if possible, so that we can get a comprehensive impression.

Our complaints department will then contact you. Please send the photos to:

What to do if the received goods do not meet my expectations?

You have a right of withdrawal of 14 days. Within this time we need from you in writing that you want to withdraw from the purchase contract. We will then instruct the shipping company to pick up the furniture from you again. As soon as we receive the goods, you will be refunded your previous payment. The return shipment of the goods is not free of charge. Thus, the cost of the return must be borne by the buyer. We ask for your understanding for this, as we deal with heavy and sensitive products.

What to do if the received goods have defects?

If your goods arrived damaged, please send us photos of the damaged area with a brief description. Please make sure that the photos show all or most of the product, if possible, so that we can get a comprehensive impression.

Our complaints department will then contact you. Please send the photos to:

How will my refund be made?

We will always refund credits using the payment method used in the order process. Thus, you will also always receive the refund to the bank account from which you made the payment.

Exceptions to this rule will only be made for system technical reasons if your credit card or the 240-day period with PayPal has expired. In those cases, we will contact you immediately.

Payments will be refunded within 14 days after cancellation or receipt of the return in our warehouse. If you have not received the credit after this period, please send us a message to

If you have received an incorrect refund, please send us a message. For a successful review, we need the corresponding order number and a brief description of the error.

How do I return the goods?

Please pack the goods so that they can survive the return shipping without damage. Stick the label on the box so that the original shipping label is no longer visible. Finished packing, take the package to the nearest branch of the shipping service provider.

Our return address is:

Spa Ambiente GmbH (at GO! Logistics)
Frida Schröer Street 3
49076 Osnabrück

If your item was delivered by furniture shipping company, we can arrange for the return shipment to be picked up by a shipping company for you. A shipping label will not be sent in this case. Our forwarding agent will arrange the pickup date with you by phone or mail within 14 days after receipt of the return documents. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the collection date.

What guarantee & warranty claims I have on ordered goods?

We promise you the best possible quality and personal service. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods or a transport damage occurred, please contact us by phone at +49(0)5405 / 96099-0 or by e-mail at You will always reach a friendly contact person, no call center or similar. Of course, the statutory warranty claims and guarantees apply to all products. Also the legal right of withdrawal of 14 days. According to §312 g para. 2 No. 1 BGB, the right of withdrawal, unless otherwise specified, does not apply to distance contracts for the supply of goods that are made to customer specifications or clearly tailored to the personal needs of the customer. This refers in particular to custom-made products at the request of the customer, such as personalizations or custom-made products. A refund of the purchase price for such personalized goods is also excluded in the event of a return.


We supply dealers, installers, architects and other partners


You run a retail store, furniture store, installation company or an architectural office? Then we are happy to be your contact when it comes to bathroom furniture, washbasins and faucets.

We will gladly deliver the goods ordered by you to any desired address, so that the assembly can be carried out directly on site. Important: For the assembly, the installation company must provide the statutory warranty of five years. Information on this can be found at

Can you give me a custom quote for bulk purchase?

However, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a custom quote that meets your needs & requirements. Resellers are also welcome to contact us. The fastest way to reach our sales department is at - you will receive a response to your inquiry at short notice.