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We have been manufacturing solid wood furniture since 2007 and are familiar with the numerous facets of overseas production. We at Spa Ambiente have therefore decided and set a goal for 2023 to produce 70% of our furniture regionally with certified PEFC wood, also from the region. The remaining 30% of our furniture comes from the EU (Spain and Poland). Furniture originating from Indonesia is on sale. For reasons of sustainability, this furniture will no longer be reordered and will be replaced by our furniture from the EU.

Solid wood the raw material of sustainability

We use the most sustainable raw material in the world: solid wood

As a renewable raw material, wood has an excellent ecological balance, which already occupies a top position among building materials during production.
The production and processing consumes far less energy than other materials, which leads to fewer greenhouse gases. Another advantage for the environment: there are no waste products, because even leftovers are recycled. Also important are the short transport routes through regional forestry.

It all starts with choosing the right wood

Part of the selected wood comes directly from the Osnabrück area and the Oldenburg area. Our timber dealer, based in southern Osnabrück, obtains a large part of the required logs from here. This wood is PEFC certified. The other part of the wood used in Spa Ambiente comes from sustainable EU forestry. Due to the predominantly regional production, we support the local craft and create the love for detail in the wood processing.

More information about PEFC

A long service life and a 10-year guarantee

The long durability of solid wood ensures, among other things, that furniture made of solid wood is more sustainable than furniture made of other materials. With the right care, your piece of furniture will stay like new for years, even decades, and there is no need to renew the furnishings.
Workmanship quality through craftsmanship, uniform and exclusively high-quality fittings ensure strict quality standards. That's why we give a 10-year guarantee on our solid wood furniture.

Should there be any scratches or quirks on the surface, the top layer is sanded off and the furniture is given a new protective layer.

6 good reasons for
solid wood furniture

Solid wood is durable and robust

Solid wood furniture has a positive effect on the room climate

Furniture is made of solid wood a real eye-catcher

Our claim is one Furniture development at the highest level - with handcrafted details, high-quality brand fittings and professional construction.

Sustainable material from the Nature

Solid wood furniture doesn't collect dust on

Where does our furniture come from?

As of 2022

20% from Indonesia

We will stop importing furniture from Indonesia in 2022. The last delivery was shipped in spring 2022 and the affected teak furniture will become discontinued items or replaced by products manufactured in the EU.

25% from the EU

25% of the furniture is made in Spain and Poland. This solid wood also comes from sustainable forestry

55% from Germany

More than 55% of the bathroom furniture we sell is made in Germany from sustainable forestry. The wood is PEFC certified.

Critically asked:
Why does shipping and
returns cost money?

01 We do not want to encourage our customers to buy our items indiscriminately. Every round-trip shipping leaves a carbon footprint!

The words "free" or "gratis" suggest that something is provided without payment. To the delight of marketers and entrepreneurs. Nothing is "free" or "gratis", this is where the attraction to buy is created. The cost of shipping is hidden in the item price.
02 We want to deal with our customers transparently and honestly and therefore do not use the marketing tool “free shipping”. From €1,000.00 we take care of the shipping as a thank you for a purchase of such a large amount from us. On average, we pay around €50 – €100 for shipping within Germany to our shipping partner for a piece of furniture.
03 Facts: Germany is the European Returns Champion. According to the EHI, the return rate is up to 75 percent, with fashion around every second package being returned on average. According to the consumer advice center, there are around 800,000 packages a day in the fashion industry alone. That corresponds to about 400 tons of CO2 or 255 car trips from Frankfurt to Beijing.