Elegance moves into the bathroom with a double marble washbasin

A survey from 2017 showed that Germans want daylight and a large bathtub in their bathroom above all else. The dream bathroom of the Germans is therefore characterized by generosity and a touch of luxury. The material marble is also luxurious. It is one of the oldest building materials and is unmistakable due to its light color and characteristic change. Among the most famous types of marble is Carrara marble. This comes from the Italian Tuscany. There, in the region around the town of Carrara, there are numerous marble quarries where the fine material is mined. In the bathroom, numerous pieces of furniture can be made from marble. Marble is known as a material for wall and floor coverings. Here it unfolds its beauty and expressiveness on a large surface. A double washbasin also provides a large surface for the material marble. Therefore, double marble washbasins are popular in the bathroom. You can wonderfully combine a double marble washbasin with a bathroom vanity made of noble wood. Attractive to marble washbasins are especially dark stain tones such as walnut or mahogany. But graphite gray or black also go well with light marble

Marble is easy to clean and versatile

A double marble washbasin not only looks classy and underlines an elegant interior style, it is also solid and robust, easy to maintain and therefore remains beautiful for a long time. The best way to care for a marble double washbasin - like other natural stone washbasins - is to wipe it dry with a cloth after each use. This prevents the formation of water marks or lime stains, which would then have to be laboriously cleaned away later. If you decide to buy a double marble washbasin, you will usually receive a basic care product with which the material is treated before first use. Alternatively, this finish is already applied at the factory. A double marble washbasin is available in matte or glossy finishes. Glossy marble surfaces are polished and therefore resistant to water and other stains. At Spa Ambiente you will find a wide selection of double marble washbasins in different color finishes - from white to light gray to gray - in square, round and oval versions

Here's how to find your dream marble washbasin.

How big your marble washbasin may be, of course, depends on your spatial conditions. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can also be generous with your vanity. A double marble vanity with a width of up to 120 cm is an exceptional piece in a luxurious bathroom. If you have the space, you can create a real gem with it. To a marble washbasin with two sinks are combined elegant faucets . These can be mounted on the wall, as well as directly on the marble top. When choosing faucets, it is important that they match the style of your double marble washbasin. Take a look at Spa Ambiente online and discover your dream marble washbasin there. You can order it directly online. Alternatively, come to our showroom and convince yourself on site of the high quality of our bathroom furniture, washbasins and bathtubs.