Dare to do the extraordinary: Double granite washbasins

For many, the bathroom is a place where they want to relax a little from everyday life, take a little time out and unwind. During a nice full bath or an invigorating shower, we enjoy relaxation and try for a moment to leave behind the worries and hustle and bustle of everyday life. This works all the better the more beautifully designed the bathroom is. If everything lies or stands neatly in its place, the room has a good atmosphere and there is not a corner anywhere looking at us that needs to be cleaned or tidied up again, then it is all the easier for us to turn our thoughts inwards and concentrate completely on ourselves. For this little time-out from everyday life, the materials in the bathroom also play a major role. Natural stone in particular contributes to a good atmosphere and charisma of the bathroom. Good options for using natural stone in the bathroom are the walls and the floor, where granite is often chosen as a covering. The washbasin is also an element that can be very well made of natural stone. Among the natural stones, granite is one of the most exciting. Granite consists of a mixture of feldspar and quartz. Granite comes in many different shades, with black granite in particular adding exciting visual accents in the bathroom. A lot of impression is made by a granite double washbasin, as it sets the scene for the extraordinary material on a large surface. Granite double washbasins are available polished on the inside and outside, as well as polished on the inside and embossed on the outside. This means that the outer structure of the sink has irregularities and the stone structure remains clearly visible. With a double washbasin made of the natural stone granite, you set an extraordinary accent in your bathroom and make it a special place of well-being, where not only bathing and showering are a spa experience, but even brushing your teeth in the morning becomes a little time-out from everyday life

Enjoy your double granite washbasin

Like all natural stones, granite is easy to clean and has a pleasant surface. Your double granite sink will stay beautiful the longest if you wipe away small splashes of water as soon as they occur. Especially on black granite, calcareous water can otherwise quickly lead to bright lime spots. A well-polished washbasin, however, is of course already factory-equipped so that lime can not harm it much. A granite double washbasin offers plenty of storage space and for beautiful things that make the overall ensemble even more attractive. For example, choose to your granite double washbasin also toothbrush mug and soap dish made of a natural stone. This could be river stone or marble, which with its white color would create an exciting contrast to the black granite washbasin. However, colorful accessories on a black granite double vanity are also pretty. They will liven up the ambiance and add a playful touch to the elegant seriousness from the black granite. You can also use bathroom textiles to add many colorful accents around your granite vanity. For a large family, for example, it's a nice idea if everyone has their own towel color. This way, if you have four people, you are already using four colors in your bathroom. Since it looks especially great when the black granite double sink has a place of honor as the focal point of your bathroom. Discover a selection of washstands and sinks and other bathroom furniture at Spa Ambiente