"soho" pedestal washbasin | JEE-O
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"Catino Tondo washbasin system" Cielo | Immediate delivery
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Pedestal washbasins add elegance to any bathroom

Pedestal washbasins are undoubtedly among the most elegant basin solutions for the bathroom. As freestanding wash columns, they look like beautiful sculptures in the room. Basically, washbasins are differentiated according to their design: the classic washbasin hangs on the wall, with space underneath for a shelf or a vanity unit. The modern variant are countertop washbasins, which are placed on a bathroom vanity unit or a vanity top. A convenient solution are vanity units with integrated built-in basins - virtually as a ready-to-install unit. For larger bathrooms, such sets are available in various widths, also with a luxurious double washbasin. For small bathrooms and guest WCs, washbasins and bathroom furniture are available in more delicate dimensions. In addition to hand wash basins, slim pedestal washbasins or floor-standing washbasins, which Spa Ambiente offers in many sizes shapes and materials, are especially suitable when space is limited.

Design highlights: pedestal washbasins made of concrete or solid surface material

With pedestal washbasins you enhance your bathroom in any case. The column-like structures form an eye-catcher in the room and conceal disturbing siphons and water connections. You can give your bathroom a very special touch with pedestal washbasins made of concrete, mineral casting or natural stone. The experts at Spa Ambiente specialize in all three materials. Concrete is a natural material that can be customized. Concrete washstands and sinks Spa Ambiente offers in many different colors and shapes, suitable for any environment. As a solitaire on its own pedestal, concrete washbasins create a real design highlight in the bathroom. The second specialty of Spa Ambiente are pedestal washbasins made of mineral material. Mineral casting is a material made of mineral fillers, which, like concrete, is extremely robust and allows individual custom designs. It is lighter than sanitary ceramics and less hard, but repairable. In the event of scratches, the surface is ground and resealed. Free-standing cast mineral washbasins are available from Spa Ambiente in many round or other shapes. They are as easy to clean as they are to maintain and are a statement in their own right. The crowning glory of exclusivity are pedestal washbasins made of natural stone. Each of these stones is a rugged witness to nature over thousands of years before it finds its way to your bathroom. Therefore, each stone pedestal washbasin is a unique specimen of everlasting beauty

How to combine your pedestal washbasin with bathroom furniture

Pedestal washbasins made of concrete, solid surface and natural stone can be wonderfully combined with all types of bathroom furniture . All materials harmonize particularly well with solid wood as well as all conceivable stains and colors from black, white, gray to colorful, matte or high-gloss. For example, combine your freestanding vanity column with one of the high-quality solid oak bathroom tall cabinets from Spa Ambiente. In this way, you acquire manufacture quality directly from the carpenter and provide your column washbasin with a sustainable, timelessly beautiful piece of bathroom furniture. The bathroom experts also have matching mirrors in their program. The selection ranges from square to round mirrors, from mirror cabinets to vanity mirrors with shelves and LED lighting. Do you like to go into detail? In the Spa Ambiente online store, you can also choose from a whole range of attractive bathroom accessories that are available for immediate delivery. How about a toothbrush mug and soap dispenser to match the faucet or a chic towel holder for your pedestal washstand? Rummaging around is encouraged at Spa Ambiente. The experts will be happy to advise you - by phone, virtually or in person at the in-house bathroom exhibition in Lotte near Osnabrück