Dimensions 70 x 35 x 87 cm
9.942,00 € * Weight 150 kg

Concrete pedestal sink - chic and sustainable at the same time

Concrete has become firmly established in interior design. In addition to floors, stairs, kitchen countertops as well as furniture, concrete bathrooms and bathroom furniture are also in demand. Unlike in other areas, where coarse open-pored concrete is often and deliberately used to emphasize the rough aesthetics, the surface in kitchens and bathrooms is usually sealed to protect it against dirt and grease. That is why sinks are also mostly made of finely polished concrete, so the surface can be easily wiped. In addition, these polished, sealed concrete surfaces feel pleasantly soft and smooth, and their velvety feel is reminiscent of marble. Incidentally, concrete is a natural material, just like marble. Although it is a man-made stone, it consists of a mixture of cement, sand and/or gravel, and water. Since all the ingredients are found in nature, concrete is a natural product. Concrete has a good ecological balance, is sustainable and can be used in more ways than almost any other material.

That's why concrete pedestal washbasins are so popular

Concrete pedestal washbasins are especially popular among fans of modern architecture. Compared to countertop sinks, wall-mounted sinks or hand wash basins, pedestal washbasins create very special sculptural, archaic accents in the room. The freestanding column is the icing on the cake of any modern bathroom design, forming the center around which everything revolves. In addition to the fine look that the material already brings, there are almost no limits to the diversity of the design when additional colors are added to the material. Depending on the tone and intensity, concrete then looks either homely warm, restrained cool or pop colorful. With a pedestal washbasin made of concrete, bathroom designs can be very deliberately accentuated. This applies to the guest bathroom as well as to the office or the representative wellness retreat, the specialty of Spa Ambiente. If you would like to convince yourself of the uniqueness of concrete washbasins, visit our showroom in Lotte near Osnabrück or browse our online store. We will be happy to advise you, virtually, by phone or personally on site

How to care for your concrete pedestal washbasin

Careful surface treatments such as grinding and polishing, as well as high-quality sealants, give our concrete washbasins a smooth, resistant surface ex works that is equipped for daily use. In this respect, your concrete pedestal sink is easy for you to care for. Use a mild, neutral cleaning agent for cleaning and maintenance. Soap residues, toothpaste and the like are best removed directly with water. Thus, your concrete pedestal sink will remain beautiful for many years.