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Solid surface pedestal washbasins stand for varied designs

Solid surface materials enjoy great popularity in the bathroom. This has several reasons, because solid surface materials have many good properties: The surfaces of this composite material made of acrylic mass, natural minerals and color pigments are non-porous and therefore one hundred percent hygienic, which proves particularly advantageous in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, the liquid material can be designed in all possible shapes and colors during production. There are virtually no limits to individual wishes. In its solid form, solid surface material can be cut to size in a similar way to wood and glued and welded into one piece, or processed into very narrow, delicate visible edges, which lends the sanitary objects a certain grace. The choice does not stop with this variety of shapes: Depending on the manufacturer, up to a hundred colors are possible. Solid surface material therefore allows a limitless variety of individual designs and solutions and is therefore rightly so popular as a material for washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays. Among the best-known solid surface materials is the Corian brand from the inventor and manufacturer DuPont. In addition, there are other renowned labels such as Varicor, Duralight, Krion or DuraSolid.

Design your individual pedestal washbasin made of solid surface material

In the online store of Spa Ambiente you will find a whole range of serial washbasins made of solid surface material. The selection ranges from single washbasins to double washbasins to pedestal and hand washbasins made of solid surface material. With a serial pedestal washbasin made of mineral material, you secure a noble piece of jewelry for your bathroom. Mineral material is particularly suitable for realizing individual solutions. Spa Ambiente therefore cordially invites you to develop your very own pedestal washbasin together with our team of experts. For information and inspiration, the in-house website and bathroom exhibition are at your disposal. In the tranquil surroundings of an old mill in Lotte near Osnabrück, you will find a selection of different washbasins made of natural stone, concrete, solid surface and Corian, high-quality bathroom furniture made of solid wood, freestanding bathtubs, faucets, mirrors and bathroom accessories. You will also find Spa Ambiente exhibitions in Berlin and Munich . The teams on site will be happy to advise you. However, Spa Ambiente is also there for you by phone and virtually when it comes to fulfilling your wishes in individual bathroom planning and design, for example with a high-quality pedestal washbasin made of solid surface material

Handling of solid surface washbasins

When you choose a solid surface pedestal washbasin, you choose a noble material that wants to be handled well. The matte surfaces of solid surface inspire with a silky feel. To keep it that way, you should follow some rules in cleaning and care. Small damages such as scratches or dents are quickly forgiven by solid surface material, they can usually be "easily" repaired or sanded out. Danger lurks with heat and hair dye, coffee, varnishes or nail polish remover. If you accidentally spill such liquids and chemicals, clean up immediately with plenty of soapy water. For normal cleaning, a common household cleaner will suffice. Most solid surface manufacturers advise that the vanity area be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, and of course the same applies to the bathtub, depending on the frequency of use. Pay attention to the manufacturer's cleaning instructions in detail