Dimensions 55 x 36 x 13 cm
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Width 38 cm – 46 cm
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"Como" washbasin in Nero Marquina | Lapidispa®.
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Width 50 cm – 60 cm
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Dimensions 58 x 38 x 12 cm
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"Lao" countertop washbasin in marble beige | Lapidispa®.
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Dimensions 58 x 34 x 12 cm
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"Spa" marble washbasin white | Lapidispa®
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Width 100 cm – 120 cm
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Marble washbasins for more exclusivity in the bathroom

Like no other material, marble exudes a luxurious and elegant atmosphere in the bathroom. Marble is suitable for floors as well as for washstands and storage surfaces. A marble washstand is a high-quality and durable piece of furniture in the bathroom, which will attract attention and with which you will emphasize your classically elegant interior style. Marble washbasins are available with and without a base cabinet. At Spa Ambiente, you will also find a wide selection of marble vanity bowls and countertop sinks. These are combined with a vanity top on which the marble washbasin is placed. This vanity top can also be a marble top, but alternatively other materials such as wood, Corian® or lacquered surfaces are also possible and harmoniously match the natural stone marble. Presented in this way, the marble countertop sink gets a special place of honor in your bathroom. Marble mostly has a white base tone and has a slight change. However, it is also available in light shades of gray or even anthracite. Depending on which shade of marble you choose, your bathroom décor will look more luxuriously classic or stylish and modern. The choice is yours.

Marble is the most famous natural stone in the world

Among natural stones, marble certainly has the highest profile and enjoys great popularity in the interior due to its good qualities such as robustness and durability. Here it has been used for centuries for floors, stairs and window sills. By the way, not all marble is the same. The best known is Carrara marble from Italy. It is named after the city of Carrara in Tuscany. Carrara marble is characterized by the fact that it is particularly bright - almost white - and shows a delicate grayish change. Carrara marble achieved world fame through the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo with his sculpture of the biblical David, which can still be admired today in Florence.

Highest quality and many model variations

Since marble is a natural stone, it is easy to work with. Washbasins are made of marble in a wide variety of shapes. Marble washbasins are available in oval, round and square shapes. There are very small marble washbasins, which are suitable for a guest bathroom and exude their elegant charm there. Double washbasins can also be made of marble in the best way, because the material is hard and strong, so even if it is very wide, it does not run the risk of sagging or breaking. The quality of a marble washbasin is very high and it is a sanitary object made to last for many years. Therefore, if you are going to buy a marble vanity, keep in mind that you will probably have it for a very long time. Therefore, in the event that you do not find a model that suits your space, you should opt for a custom washbasin. The investment is definitely worth it, because with good care, a marble vanity will last a lifetime.

How to properly care for your marble washbasin

In order to enjoy your marble washbasin for many years, you should always clean it professionally. To do this, first find out from the manufacturer which care products are suitable for your marble washbasin. Often, natural stone sinks are impregnated with a special care product before the first use. If this is also the case for your marble washbasin, be sure to follow the instructions exactly so that your marble washbasin is optimally prepared for its upcoming tasks. Once the marble washbasin has been well pre-treated, it is very easy to care for it: regularly wipe it dry with a cloth after use. This way, no lime spots or other deposits will form on the surface and care with harsh cleaning agents will not be necessary in the first place. Once a week you can clean your marble vanity with a mild detergent and then wipe it dry again. At Spa Ambiente there is a very large selection of marble washbasins and washstands. Visit the online store on the Internet or come to the showroom and look at the offer to find your favorite.