"Finja with tree edge" vanity unit white | solid oak washbasin top with tree edge | 4 drawers - type D | Made in Germany
Custom size possible
"Siro²" vanity cabinet solid wood 4 drawers | Lapidispa®
Custom size possible
Width 120 cm – 200 cm
from 2.647,00 €
240 Designs Made to order
"Uno" vanity unit wild oak 140 cm - 180 cm | Pure
-30 %
Width 140 cm – 180 cm
2.095,00 € from 1.466,00 € 1 Stk. | 1.466,00 €/Stk.
6 Designs In stock
"Solid" wild oak vanity top with tree edge - custom manufacturing
Custom size possible
Width 50 cm – 200 cm
from 261,00 €
154 Designs Made to order
"Loft" vanity unit wild oak + metal black | Pure
-20 %
Width 60 cm – 180 cm
705,00 € from 564,00 €
18 Designs In stock
"Neon" vanity unit solid wood incl. washbasin Corian®
Custom size possible
Width 140,5 cm – 200,5 cm
from 3.900,00 €
48 Designs Made to order
"Uno" vanity unit wild oak 60 cm - 180 cm | Pure
-25 %
Width 60 cm – 180 cm
595,00 € from 446,00 € 1 Stk. | 446,00 €/Stk.
16 Designs In stock
"Mero plus" vanity unit in solid oak micato incl. Corian® | Lapidispa® | available immediately
-16 %
Dimensions 160 x 51 x 40.4 cm
3.464,00 € 2.918,00 € * Weight 85.98 kg
In stock
"Svea" bathroom furniture incl. washbasin wild oak | Pure
-23 %
Width 100,5 cm – 120,5 cm
1.765,00 € from 1.365,00 € 1 Stk. | 1.365,00 €/Stk.
6 Designs In stock
"Yara" bathroom furniture incl. washbasin Corian® 140.5 cm
Custom size possible
Width 140 cm – 180 cm
from 2.928,00 € Weight 86 kg
36 Designs Made to order In stock

High-quality bathroom furnishings since 2007

Solid wood | Corian® | Natural stone | Customised production

Bathroom furniture made to measure

We are the partner you can trust if you want to renovate, build or refresh your bathroom. Our specialty is bathroom furniture made to measure. More storage space, special space conditions or special favorite colors - in our manufactory we realize your wishes within approx. 4 – 6 weeks.

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Much of our furniture comes directly from our manufactory in the Osnabrück region.

Specialised trade
Since 2007 we have been manufacturing our furniture and washstands according to our own designs.

Made to measure production
You will receive a technical drawing from us in advance for each custom-made product.
Production within 4 - 6 weeks

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You will find our showroom in the Osnabrück region. Here, the designs of our collections are created in the historical ambience of the „old mill“.


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We offer high-quality bathroom furniture made of solid wood in the best manufacturing quality. Our products come from sustainable and responsible manufacturing. We primarily use solid wood, Corian® and natural stone for our bathroom furniture. The wood comes 100% from sustainable forestry. By 2021, we have already manufactured 55 % of our bathroom furniture regionally in the Osnabrück region, and the trend is rising.

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It all began in the charm of the "old mill".
This is where we develop our own designs for our products.
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Berlin | We are also in the capital

Come and visit us in Berlin-Spandau.

Munich | 20 min from Munich main station

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Your specialist dealer for natural stone washbasins and solid wood bathroom furniture

Welcome to Spa Ambiente. Discover a variety of great products to furnish and enhance your bathroom in our online shop. Our range of washbasins includes natural stone washbasins, stone washbasins, marble washbasins, river stone washbasins as well as Corian washbasins and several more. We also sell high-quality bathroom furniture made of wood. Among other things, extremely durable bathroom furniture made of oak, beautifully shaped vanity tops (e.g. vanity tops made of Corian) as well as practical tall cabinets & shelves and much more.

We offer an excellent selection of materials for our natural stone and solid wood products. As we set very high standards for workmanship, you will only receive the best quality delivered to your home for all-round well-being and, of course, at the best possible prices. You also benefit from numerous and constantly changing special offers.

Natural stone washbasins and bathroom furniture from Spa Ambiente transform every bathroom into an exotic oasis of well-being and bring the unique feeling of pure nature into your bathroom. The high-quality material of the washbasins makes every room, no matter how small, shine in wonderful splendour. Whether river stone, granite, concrete or ceramic, every natural stone washbasin has its very own character. With us, you can design your bathroom completely individually according to your personal taste. Our modern solid wood bathroom furniture turns every bathroom into a space to feel good and enjoy.

To ensure that you want for nothing when furnishing your new bathroom, you also have the option of purchasing the matching fittings and parts for installation in our shop.


We specialise in natural stone products made of river stone, marble and granite. In addition, we distribute high-quality bathroom furniture made of solid wood in the best manufacture quality. Our products come from sustainable and responsible manufacturing. For our bathroom furniture, we primarily rely on solid wood, which is largely obtained from European and sustainable forestry.

Fair trade

Dealing responsibly with people and nature is an extremely important factor for the company Spa Ambiente. Since we purchase products such as natural stone sinks made of marble and river stone directly from the manufacturer, fair payment and friendly and personal dealings with the producers are a matter of course. Bathroom furniture made of solid wood, countertop washbasins and Accessories made of river stone are made in traditional handwork in small factories. All products come from responsible production and are in no way related to child labor. Through regular, unannounced visits to our manufacturers, we can guarantee you this with a clear conscience.


additional information

Questions and answers about natural stone sinks


What material is a natural stone sink made of?

The natural stone washbasins from Spa Ambiente are made of high-quality natural stone such as river stone, granite and marble. The natural stone boulder is often the basis for a natural stone washbasin.

How do I clean natural stone washbasins?

The smooth surface of natural stone washbasins is extremely susceptible to acidic cleaning agents and chlorine. These attack the natural stone and destroy it permanently. The use of unsuitable cleaning agents damages the natural stone washbasin and can cause extreme damage to the surface of the natural stone. It is recommended to regularly protect the surface of the wax basin from water and dirt with a natural stone polish (e.g. MN Polish, available in our shop). Only neutral cleaners or cleaning agents labelled for natural stone should be used to clean the washbasins.

What is river stone?

River stone is an extremely robust natural stone from the tropical rivers of Indonesia. The often very imposing natural stone erratic blocks serve as the basis for natural stone washbasins in different sizes and colours. These colourings result from the natural oxidation of the stone. River stone washbasins are very easy to maintain and are available in many different sizes. Due to its hardness and texture, this natural stone is ideal for making washbasins, wash bowls, hand washbasins and countertop washbasins. The easy-to-clean stone is a shapely highlight in any bathroom thanks to its unique look.

How to clean marble washbasins?

Marble is a carbonate rock that can contain the minerals calcite, dolomite or aragonite. These minerals give marble its typical marbling and colouring and thus give each washbasin its unique appearance. A marble washbasin should be rubbed with wax and polished from time to time. The natural stone washbasin must be completely dry when it is treated with wax. A very small amount of care product is sufficient. It is best to apply the wax to the natural stone sink with a soft cloth and rub it in. Chlorine, anti-lime agents, whitening solvents, as well as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide should never be used to care for marble, as these agents can severely damage the natural stone.


Granite what is it?

Granite is an igneous rock formed over a long period of time by liquid magma that penetrates through fissures into higher layers of the earth's crust. However, the glowing, liquid magma does not reach the Earth's surface, but remains directly stuck as a plug in one of the upper rock layers. In the layer reached by the magma, there is a cooled rock face that has formed over a very long period of time. Due to a long cooling of the rock masses, ideal conditions for crystal formation are present. When the cooled rock face meets the liquid magma, the layer hardens and a particularly hard natural rock face with a distinctive crystal structure, granite, is formed.