"Varo" freestanding bathtub made from senstone® | Lapidispa®
-30 %
Width 160 cm – 178 cm
3.195,00 € from 2.236,00 €
3 Designs In stock
"Sita" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5-year warranty | Lapidispa®
-30 %
Width 165 cm – 178 cm
2.980,00 € from 2.095,00 €
2 Designs In stock
"Naima" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5 year warranty | Lapidispa®.
-30 %
Dimensions 170 x 80 x 55 cm
2.980,00 € 2.095,00 € * Weight 145 kg
In stock
"Dian" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5 year warranty | Lapidispa®.
-30 %
Dimensions 165 x 80 x 58 cm
2.980,00 € 2.095,00 € * Weight 140 kg
In stock
"Cadero" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5 year warranty | Lapidispa®
-33 %
Width 160 cm – 170 cm
3.180,00 € from 2.145,00 €
2 Designs
"Biona" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5-year warranty | Lapidispa®.
-25 %
Dimensions 135 x 135 x 49 cm
3.995,00 € 2.995,00 € * Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 135 x 75 x 85 cm
5.360,35 € * Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 175 x 75 x 54 cm
5.466,56 € * Weight 140 kg

The freestanding white bathtub - a bright spot in the bathroom

According to a 2017 survey of bathroom owners, the biggest things Germans want in their bathroom are a bathtub and daylight. The desire for daylight likely stems from the fact that good lighting allows us to see ourselves better, so we always feel like we're well groomed before we step out of the house. Daylight also brightens our mood and contributes to our overall sense of well-being. Especially when we step into the bathroom in the morning, a pinch of daylight makes us feel fresh and alert, and gives us a cheerful and carefree start to the day. Of course, not every bathroom can be equipped with a window. Here, daylight lamps with different light colors can provide a remedy. They offer the great advantage that the light color can be adjusted on many models. If you opt for a reddish light in the evening, this has a calming effect. This can have a supportive effect when falling asleep. In the morning, on the other hand, you should opt for a cooler, bluish light that will awaken your spirits. When it comes to bathtubs, which are also among the biggest favorites in German bathrooms, freestanding models in particular are very luxurious and in high demand. White freestanding bathtubs look bright and friendly and are great to combine. You can find them in a good selection at Spa Ambiente. Despite its size and presence, a white freestanding bathtub holds itself back a bit. This is simply due to its neutral color.

The right environment for a freestanding bathtub in white

A freestanding bathtub is basically a bathroom sanitaryware that needs enough space around it, because besides its dimensions, it is also a visual size. So, if you want to afford a freestanding bathtub, you need a large bathroom. One reason for this is that not only does the tub need enough space around it, but most of the time a standing faucet is also needed to fill the freestanding bathtub. Meanwhile, there are also models that fill from the bottom and consequently do not require a standing faucet. However, this is still the exception today. In any case, check the spatial conditions and plumbing connections in your bathroom before choosing a freestanding bathtub

Make your dream of a freestanding bathtub come true

When choosing the color for your freestanding bathtub, you can choose from black as well as white. Freestanding bathtubs come in a wide variety of plumbing materials, including natural stone. No matter which freestanding bathtub you choose, it will always be an exceptional centerpiece in your bathroom. Discover your dream bathtub online at Spa Ambiente or take a trip to the showroom in an old mill in Lotte near Osnabrück, alternatively in Berlin or Munich, where you can experience all models and other bathroom furnishings from Spa Ambiente live and in color. In addition to bathtubs, this also includes washstands, washbasins such as countertop washbasins and hand washbasins, as well as bathroom furniture, mirrors and much more. Immerse yourself in the world of bathing.