"Mare | Pure" mirror cabinet wild oak
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Width 60 cm – 120 cm
995,00 € from 620,00 €
9 Designs In stock
"Mare | Pure" mirror cabinet wild oak
-38 %
Width 80 cm – 120 cm
1.260,00 € from 775,00 €
6 Designs In stock
Dimensions 60 x 80 x 12 cm
298,00 € * Weight 10 kg
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Dimensions 50 x 31 x 145 cm
2.735,81 € * Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 71.5 x 17.5 x 110 cm
1.736,21 € * Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 90 x 12 x 45 cm
1.294,72 € * Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 50 x 12 x 90 cm
1.592,22 € * Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 75 x 12 x 75 cm
1.936,13 € * Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 45 x 12 x 110 cm
1.161,44 € * Weight 22 kg

Stylish mirror cabinets for a classy ambience in the bathroom

A mirror cabinet is a useful accessory for any bathroom, because it provides valuable storage space for things like: Shaving kit, toothbrush and other small utensils for daily personal hygiene. However, such a cabinet, can be much more and become an attractive eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Order mirror cabinets made of solid wood

At www.spa-ambient e.de, there is an attractive selection of mirror cabinets in wood look for all customers. Whether with LED lighting or without, the small cabinets with wooden frames, give the bathroom a very special touch. A solid wood construction, such as teak, ensures long durability and, in addition, a beautiful appearance.

The mirror cabinets are available in different designs. The range includes 1-door and 2-door mirror cabinets, as well as models with sliding doors or with doors that fold open. The special thing about these cabinets is that they will add a cozy and comfortable touch to any bathroom. Moreover, they can be perfectly combined with other bathroom furniture, such as base cabinets made of wood.

Special models for the bathroom

And also those who are looking for something special will find it in the assortment of www.spa-ambiente.de. So the offer contains not only various small mirror cabinets, which can be mounted above the sink, but also larger variants with a height of about 160 cm. These can be easily mounted on the wall and are perfect as dressing mirrors. Of course, they also have a lot of storage space for all sorts of bathroom utensils and care products.

With the solid wood mirror cabinets from www.spa-ambiente.de comes a high-quality product in a beautiful design with practical functions in every bathroom.