"Reece | Pure" wild oak tall bathroom cabinet
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795,00 € 445,00 € Weight 6 kg
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"Nora" tall unit wild oak | Pure
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1.295,00 € 940,00 € Weight 16 kg
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"Yago" tall cabinet wild oak | Pure
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1.875,00 € 1.120,00 € Weight 17 kg
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"Finja | Spa Ambiente®" Bathroom furniture tall bathroom cabinet in oak | fronts white | 130 cm high
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Dimensions 40 x 32 x 130 cm
1.833,00 € 1.650,00 € * Weight 20 kg
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"Mero plus | Spa Ambiente®" solid wood tall bathroom cabinet
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"Geo" solid wood tall bathroom cabinet | Spa Ambiente
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"Siro" solid wood tall bathroom cabinet | Spa Ambiente
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"Finja" bathroom furniture tall cabinet in oak | fronts graphite gray | height 130 cm

"Whiz" tall unit wild oak + metal black | Pure
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Dimensions 35 x 35 x 180 cm
2.195,00 € 1.695,00 € * Weight 35 kg
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"Yago" tall unit wild oak | Pure
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1.780,00 € 1.025,00 € Weight 17 kg
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"Loft" shelf series Pure wild oak + metal black | Pure
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545,00 € from 517,00 € Weight 16.5 kg
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"Finja" bathroom furniture tall unit in oak | white fronts | 160 cm high

Bathroom tall cabinet made of oak with a distinctive look

The topics of resource conservation and sustainability play a major role in the current social and political debate. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the conscious use of our resources has also found its way into the furnishings. Furniture made of oak is therefore currently experiencing a renaissance. Whether it's a dining area, closet, bed, coffee table or kitchen front - oak cuts a fine figure in all living areas and enriches our furnishings with its pleasant charisma, soft hue and discreet restraint, with which it matches all other living materials. But oak is not only booming in living areas - the strong-grained wood is also a welcome guest in German bathrooms. Oak provides a warm and the natural atmosphere that we desire, especially in the bathroom. If everything is white and sterile, we don't really want to feel comfortable. With a few accents in oak, the temperature in the room also increases. By the way, the optimal bathroom temperature for most people is 23 degrees Celsius. The range of important oak bathroom furniture also includes oak bathroom tall cabinet. In addition to its distinctive look, it also impresses with plenty of storage space inside. This can be designed with simple shelves, drawers or even a laundry tilt. In this you can conveniently collect your dirty laundry and have it close to your washing machine. With Spa Ambiente bathroom tall cabinets, you can choose between models made of oak decor or solid oak. The color spectrum ranges from white oak to light oak to dark oak tones. The price spectrum ranges from entry-level to luxury and offers options for all budgets. Thus, in the assortment selection of the company Spa Ambiente you will definitely find the right oak bathroom tall cabinet for your bathroom.

Oak - a German love story

Here in Germany, no wood is as popular, sought-after and diverse as oak. The domestic deciduous tree, which every child recognizes by its typical leaves and fruits, has enjoyed great popularity in furniture making for many centuries and it has been impossible to imagine life without it for a long time. Oak wood is used for tables, chairs, chests of drawers, cabinets, beds, side tables, coffee tables, sideboards, kitchen countertops as well as fronts and much more. Oak has also become a permanent fixture in bathrooms. After a surface treatment with oil, wax or varnish, the robust, particularly hard wood is moisture-resistant and optimally protected against splash water. Therefore, the use of oak wood in the bathroom is completely unproblematic, provided that the piece of furniture in question is provided with a suitable finish. This goes without saying for the oak bathroom furniture from Spa Ambiente. A tall oak bathroom cabinet is a special eye-catcher. In most cases, a tall bathroom cabinet is a relatively large piece of furniture, which attracts attention and attracts attention. A bathroom tall cabinet made of solid oak has a very high-quality effect, because the wood radiates its natural origin particularly intensively through the color tone and the grain. However, if you have concerns about putting a solid wood furniture in your bathroom, you can also find a suitable alternative with a bathroom tall cabinet in Sonoma oak. Sonoma oak refers to a surface in an oak decor, which, however, is almost indistinguishable from solid oak in terms of look and feel. Sonoma oak even comes in a rough-sawn finish, which means that the material feels just as rough as real wood when you brush over it. An oak decor can't be any closer to real oak than this. At Spa Ambiente company you can find oak bathroom tall cabinets, solid oak in countless dimensions and many colors, as well as color combination like oak/white. Browse through the online offer and discover your favorite.

Make the tall oak cabinet your favorite

If you are looking for an oak tall bathroom cabinet for your bathroom, there are a few considerations that can help you find the right model for your needs. First, you should consider what all you want to put in your tall bathroom cabinet. Then, based on that, you will decide how to equip it wisely. Do you have a lot of small things to store? Then equipment with drawers is suitable for you. Drawers are convenient because you can pull them out completely and see at a glance what everything is inside. On the other hand, if you want to store towels and bath sheets in your tall cabinet, then shelves are more practical, because you can easily pull things out from a shelf to the front. With a solid oak tall bathroom cabinet, you have chosen a high-quality piece of furniture for your bathroom. It looks very modern and elegant when the bathroom cabinet is hung. In this way, the large piece of furniture acquires an unusual lightness. Alternatively, of course, standing models and bathroom tall cabinets with feet are available at Spa Ambiente. With a tall cabinet you create maximum storage space in your bathroom. You should not save on space here. Make the most of the available space and choose the largest possible model for your space situation. Oak bathroom tall cabinets are available in widths from 15 cm up to a generous 200 cm. They are available with one or more doors as well as with drawers, doors and drawers are also often combined. Those who have little space available will also find something suitable among the bathroom tall cabinets. In depth, models are possible from 15 cm, which provide even in narrow and cramped bathrooms for clear storage space