Dimensions 134 x 42 x 15 cm
4.344,00 € * Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 120 x 40 x 12 cm
4.462,00 € * Weight 70 kg

Concrete double washbasin - modern statement

For many, the bathroom is now a living space, like others. It is not just a wet room where we do our personal hygiene, but rather a place where we want to showcase our personal decorating style and taste, just like in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Therefore, we also consciously decide on a certain look for our bathroom. Should it be romantically playful, Scandinavian simple, elegant or perhaps rather completely modern? The style you choose also determines the materials that match this style and with which you then surround yourself in your bathroom. Typical and neutral is white sanitary ware. It goes well with any style of decor in the bathroom. If you want to stand out a little from this mainstream, concrete bathroom elements can be a wonderful alternative for your modern bathroom decor. Concrete has a stronger effect than any other building material. We know concrete as a raw material for buildings. Nowadays, it even often remains visible in staircases and walls, thus adding an urban accent to the interior.

Concrete washbasins with strong charisma

In the bathroom, the washbasin in particular lends itself as a sanitary object made of concrete, because its shape and size make it very easy to manufacture from concrete. This applies not only to single washbasins, but also to concrete double washbasins. Due to its size, a concrete double washbasin is a very present bathroom element that attracts attention. When choosing faucets to match your concrete washbasin, be sure to go for modern designs. Faucets are now available not only in chrome or stainless steel, but also in a wide range of colors. To a double concrete washbasin, black or white faucets look extremely attractive. Especially because you need two of them. If you have chosen a washbasin in classic gray concrete, as well as the matching faucet, you can liven up the surroundings with colorful accessories, which will diversely interrupt the concrete surface. Here, toothbrush tumbler and soap dish are good options for friendly splashes of color. Or, when it comes to personal care products, you can opt for those that have pretty packaging to also add an interesting accent to your concrete double vanity.

Concrete double washbasins in many color tones

By the way, concrete double washbasins do not have to be gray. The material can be colored exceptionally well, so washbasins in orange, pink, blue, yellow or green are just as possible as the classic gray. Discover your favorite among the double washbasins at Spa Ambiente and combine it with other bathroom furniture from our website. For example, with practical bathroom tall cabinets, bathroom vanity units, mirrors or vanity tops. In addition to concrete washbasins and double washbasins, concrete countertop washbasins are also available. These are characterized by the fact that they are placed on a vanity top made of another material, for example, wood. In this way, the cool material concrete can be combined with a warmer counterpart to create an exciting combination.