Double washbasin made of natural stone - durable and beautiful

On average, Germans keep their bathroom for 19.5 years. Only then is renovated and renewed. A 2017 study found that most bathrooms in Germany are between 11 and 20 years old, followed by bathrooms that are up to ten years old. The oldest bathrooms in Germany are even over 30 years old - according to the study. Considering this long time to use a bathroom, it's not surprising that the color white is still the front-runner among bathroom hues. White looks clean and hygienic, and it goes wonderfully with everything. White doesn't go out of style, you don't look over it and you can hardly make any mistakes when choosing it. However, white is also a bit boring, so it likes to be combined with subtle natural tones. These include, for example, sandy tones such as cream and beige, as well as all and shades of gray. These shades are great to combine with white, because they are also subtle and not very intrusive. Thus, they share with white the advantage of remaining a pleasant companion in the bathroom for many years.

Gentle tones for natural stone double washbasins

In particular, the delicate sand tones are very often found in natural stone. Numerous bathroom elements can be made from natural stone. For example, natural stone tiles, with which the walls or even the floor are covered, are popular. Thanks to small cavities in the stone, natural stone stores heat very well and has great heat conduction. Therefore, it is suitable as a floor covering on an underfloor heating system. A real eye-catcher is a double sink made of natural stone, because here the beauty of the material comes into its own. The expressiveness of natural stone lies in its special structure and surface. Since it is a natural product, each piece looks a little different and is therefore unique. Natural stones include marble, travertine, granite and river stone. A natural stone double sink showcases the unusual material in a special way, as it gives it extra space thanks to its size

A material with the best properties: Natural stone

A double washbasin made of natural stone offers many advantages: The open-pored stone effortlessly withstands the fluctuating temperatures and high humidity in the bathroom and remains attractive and beautiful for many years. This is a real plus, especially at the washbasin, where a lot of water is handled. In addition, natural stone is particularly robust, so that even with heavy use, wear is very rarely visible or even damage occurs. The surface of natural stone is generally treated so that it has an anti-slip effect. In the case of the double sink made of stone, this offers the advantage that things placed on it will not slip and fall over so quickly. Thanks to its anti-slip properties, natural stone is also popular as a covering for a floor-level shower or as a material for freestanding bathtubs , because the risk of slipping is significantly minimized here. Natural stone is also easy to maintain. One aspect that is quite relevant for a double sink made of stone, so that it remains attractive for a long time, is the right natural stone care. For this purpose, Spa Ambiente has many suitable sprays, cleaning agents and lotions ready. Apart from its positive properties, natural stone is simply a very beautiful material with which you can get a special eye-catching and elegant double sink in the bathroom. Discover at Spa Ambiente your natural stone double washbasin in the best quality and enjoy it for a long time.