"Flow" vanity top Corian® gray Neutral Concrete
Width 80 cm – 200 cm
from 897,00 €
34 Designs Made to order
"Aiko | Spa Ambiente®" vanity unit incl. natural stone top
Width 120 cm – 200 cm
from 2.784,00 €
400 Designs Made to order
"Lara | Spa Ambiente®" guest bathroom base cabinet | oak vanity top | Made in Germany
Width 40 cm – 60 cm
from 585,00 €
18 Designs Made to order
"Finja | Spa Ambiente®" base cabinet graphite gray | vanity top solid oak | 4 drawers - type D | Made in Germany
"Finja" vanity unit white matt | solid oak washbasin top | 4 drawers - type D | Made in Germany
-22 %
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 42.6 cm
546,00 € 425,00 € * Weight 15 kg
In stock
"Finja | Spa Ambiente®" base cabinet MDF | vanity top solid oak | 2 drawers - type C | Made in Germany
Width 100 cm – 180 cm
from 1.579,00 €
1080 Designs Made to order
"Anea" bathroom furniture incl. Corian® washbasin 120 cm
-7 %
3.027,00 € from 2.862,00 €
8 Designs Made to order

Bathroom vanity unit in gray - the perfect interior for your bathroom

The bathroom represents a very special place in the home four walls. After all, this is the room that serves as a cozy retreat to relax and unwind after a long and tiring day to your heart's content. For this reason, a tidy and neat ambience is of utmost importance in the bathroom. However, since the bathroom naturally contains numerous utensils for personal hygiene, functional yet aesthetic storage space is extremely important. This storage space is provided by the numerous bathroom vanity units in gray from Spa Ambiente. The practical cabinets impress not only with their generous storage space, but also with their luxurious look and natural materials.

Gray bathroom vanity cabinet - stylish ambience in the bathroom

A gray bathroom cabinet will give any bathroom an inviting and stylish ambience in no time. Besides, it offers enough space to store all the utensils needed in daily bathroom use neatly and yet within reach. Since the bathroom furniture is located under the sink, it does not waste unnecessary space in the bathroom. For this reason, a gray vanity cabinet is ideal not only for large rooms, but also for small bathrooms.

Generous storage space thanks to vanity cabinet

The color gray is currently without a doubt one of the trend colors par excellence. It shows itself to be discreet and yet classic. Thus, it can be perfectly combined with numerous other colors. For example, bathroom decorations and accessories in a bright red or in a fresh turquoise perfectly match the gray bathroom vanity. The selection of bathroom furniture in gray is extremely large and varied. Thus, in the assortment can always be found exactly the vanity unit that ideally fits the very personal requirements and wishes. Both the materials used and their processing always meet the highest quality standards. Increase the comfort of daily use of your bathroom with a new gray bathroom vanity and enjoy the practical storage space and luxurious look that come with this bathroom equipment. In this way, you can transform your bathroom into your own personal wellness oasis in no time!

Variety of designs and models

In this category of furnishing elements for the home bathroom, everyone has the chance to find exactly the model that will meet the individual requirements and thereby also personal taste to the highest degree. For example, gray vanity units are available with numerous different fronts. A model in gray high gloss ensures that the wellness oasis is given an extremely noble and luxurious ambience by the radiant and glossy fronts of the vanity unit. In addition, however, fronts in gray wood are also available, which significantly support a natural ambience in the bathroom. Bathroom vanity units with fronts in matte gray present themselves in a discreet and restrained way. This has the advantage that the piece of furniture can be harmoniously combined with numerous other accessories, pieces of furniture and decorative objects and thus allows a highly individual bathroom design. However, there are not only differences in the fronts - the sink base cabinet in gray is also available in many different sizes and dimensions. Thus, exactly the piece of furniture can be selected that fits the respective size of the bathroom. Smaller rooms benefit, for example, from a smaller model that is 80 cm wide and thus still offers enough space to store all bathroom utensils. A vanity cabinet that is 100 cm wide, on the other hand, is perfect for large bathrooms, where even expansive pieces of furniture can easily find enough space. Of course, not only the width of individual models varies, but also their height, so this can also be selected entirely according to personal requirements. A diverse and varied selection also exists in terms of the specific appearance of the bathroom vanity unit. The new bathroom base cabinet is equipped with practical drawers. These ensure that all bathroom products needed for daily personal hygiene and hygiene can be hidden and neatly stored. Incidentally, in the field of vanity cabinets, there are also differences in terms of the available options for mounting. Thus, many cabinets can be mounted both hanging and standing. The hanging variant has the advantage that cleaning under the cabinet is exceedingly easy. In some cases, however, it is also quite advantageous to resort to the standing installation. But no matter which model of bathroom vanity cabinet is ultimately chosen - it will certainly contribute significantly to the fact that the bathroom will be used even more in the future. After all, this furnishing element has long convinced not only by its high functionality, which makes the daily use of the bathroom much more pleasant, but also by its stylish appearance, which also supports an inviting atmosphere.