Dimensions 190 x 90 x 55 cm
6.794,78 € * Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 170 x 70 x 50 cm
7.970,56 € * Weight 120 kg

A freestanding black bathtub underlines your personality

Individuality is important to all of us. We like to stand out from our peers, show our own taste and do things that not everyone does. Whether it's unusual hobbies, an unusual lifestyle or extraordinary furnishings - there are many ways to live your own individuality. When it comes to furnishings, the desire for individuality has also grown over the course of the last few years. The furniture industry meets this need by constantly launching new furniture lines, trends and unusual unique pieces. The furnishing trends of today are manifold and cannot be summarized in a few words. This individuality is also in demand in the bathroom. Here, too, we want to furnish ourselves according to our personal preferences and ideas and at the same time enjoy the full comfort of a modern bathroom. A luxurious bathtub is considered a highlight in the bathroom. A full bath is still an expression of comfort and wellness. With a full bath, you personally treat yourself to a little time out and do something good for yourself. Especially luxury exudes a freestanding bathtub in black, because it requires a sophisticated ambience. First of all, enough space around a freestanding bathtub is necessary so that it can develop its full effect. In addition, around the freestanding bathtub should be placed the other bathroom furniture, which in turn may be appropriately noble. This means that the entire bathroom follows a certain standard

Black bathtub as a strong counterpoint in the white bathroom

A special highlight especially in the bathroom, where most objects to date are white, is a freestanding bathtub in black. Black is the contrasting color to white. Both colors are known in combination, for example, from the chessboard. Black and white, wherever they appear together, enter into a dynamic relationship. For the freestanding black bathtub, this means that it creates a point of tension in a predominantly white bathroom. When you choose a freestanding black bathtub, you should be aware that it will always create a strong focal point of a visual nature in your bathroom. At the same time, of course, this is also a statement of your individuality. Even if the freestanding bathtub in black is not a unique piece, it presents itself like one in individual cases. Find your black freestanding bathtub at Spa Ambiente. In the showrooms in Lotte near Osnabrück as well as in Berlin and Munich, you can view and buy bathtubs and other bathroom equipment elements, for example, matching freestanding bathtub faucet in black, bathroom tall cabinets, bathroom vanity units, mirrors, washstands, washbasins, hand bas ins and much more live on site. Alternatively, visit the online store and discover your dream bathroom on the net.