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The daily wellness moment in the shower - thanks to high-quality shower fittings

The shower represents a very special area in the home bathroom. After all, this is where most people start a new day or leave the past day behind.

For this reason, the shower is highly dependent on comfortable equipment that turns every shower into a true pampering experience for the senses. High-quality shower fittings meet this ambitious demand all along the line - see for yourself!

Shower fittings for the highest demands

The renowned quality manufacturer JEE-O produces shower fittings that easily meet the highest demands. The large selection of different models allows you to always find exactly the right shower faucet for your individual needs and circumstances.

The JEE-O flow wall shower mixer, for example, impresses with its minimalist and extremely modern design. This high-quality wall faucet is characterized by its luxurious brushed stainless steel surface and fine, loving details. Thanks to the integrated hand shower, the showering experience is always flexible and incredibly comfortable.

If you want to equip your shower with a true faucet highlight, you are certainly well advised with the black beauty soho shower 02. The design of this shower faucet impresses with its cleverly designed mixer tap with tactile rubber coating, subtle round accents and carefully selected curved lines. The operation of the mixer tap is reminiscent of a joystick, which always allows for extremely precise and simple settings.

Aesthetics meets maximum functionality

In the field of shower faucets, it is by no means exclusively a matter of attractive appearance - although of course this must not be neglected. However, functionality also plays an essential role when it comes to the comfort that daily bathroom use promises.

Be inspired by our selection of high-quality shower faucets, which meet the highest standards - both in terms of design and function. This way you will experience unforgettable wellness moments in your own bathroom every day.