"Big Rock" freestanding bathtub made of river stone
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Dimensions 180 x 100 x 55 cm
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"Sita" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5-year warranty | Lapidispa®
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Width 165 cm – 178 cm
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Dimensions 190 x 90 x 55 cm
6.794,78 € * Weight 150 kg
"Varo" freestanding bathtub made from senstone® | Lapidispa®
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Width 160 cm – 178 cm
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"Cadero" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5 year warranty | Lapidispa®
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Width 160 cm – 170 cm
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Dimensions 135 x 75 x 85 cm
5.360,35 € * Weight 180 kg
"Biona" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5-year warranty | Lapidispa®.
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Dimensions 135 x 135 x 49 cm
3.995,00 € 2.995,00 € * Weight 180 kg
"Naima" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5 year warranty | Lapidispa®.
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Dimensions 170 x 80 x 55 cm
2.980,00 € 2.095,00 € * Weight 145 kg
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Dimensions 175 x 75 x 54 cm
5.466,56 € * Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 170 x 70 x 50 cm
7.970,56 € * Weight 120 kg
"Dian" freestanding bathtub in senstone® with 5 year warranty | Lapidispa®.
-30 %
Dimensions 165 x 80 x 58 cm
2.980,00 € 2.095,00 € * Weight 140 kg
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A freestanding bathtub - the queen in the bathroom

It is the symbol of exclusivity: the freestanding bathtub. It is an eye-catcher and a solitaire in the bathroom. And it needs space. You should have about 14 square meters for the luxury version, so that the queen of the bathroom can hold court. Free-standing, they need about 60 cm of space around them so that you can get in and out comfortably and to place the tub faucet appropriately. Each bathroom has its own floor plan and thus requires individual planning. Even in smaller bathrooms, a freestanding tub and the royal pleasure of bathing are not mutually exclusive, because there are also compact, small models. A minimum size of the bathroom of eight square meters or more should be given. In principle, a freestanding tub can be positioned in different ways. Its most spectacular effect is truly freestanding in the room. However, this requires appropriate installation of pipes in the floor, which is usually recommended only in new buildings or core renovations and requires the use of professionals. So free-standing bathtubs in the room are usually supplied via a floor-standing faucet or an integrated inlet. Those who cannot or do not want to afford this luxury variant use the existing wall connections and place the bathtub with the front side directly in front of the wall. In this way, the bathtub still protrudes freely into the room, but requires considerably less planning and installation work because the water pipes are laid in the wall and not in the floor in this variant. Depending on the design, you generally have to expect a higher price for a freestanding bathtub than for a standard one, and the cost of a freestanding bathtub faucet is also generally higher in comparison than for wall-mounted faucets. In return, the design appeal is phenomenal

The shape of the freestanding bathtub matters

The freestanding bathtub takes up a bathroom culture that is many thousands of years old. As early as the Middle Ages, nobles had their bath tubs placed freestanding in public to enjoy a beautiful view while bathing. For their luxury and well-being, servants had to haul the water to exposed locations. Today, with modern installation technology, this is much easier and more comfortable. Until the middle of the 20th century, the freestanding zinc bathtub on feet in the kitchen-living room formed the washing place par excellence, before the bathroom became established as a separate room. Not to dive into the history of the bathtub: Bathing today is lifestyle. Compared to the past, today's freestanding bathtubs are extremely diverse in design: angular, round, sculptural. Suppliers of modern freestanding bathtubs such as Spa Ambiente are constantly surprising customers with unusual shapes and designs for freestanding bathtubs. Sometimes they commemorate grandmother's nostalgic wash tub, sometimes they borrow from nature with river stone, sometimes they move in a strictly geometric formal way. The range extends from small freestanding tubs to circular shapes and large voluminous designs up to almost two meters in length. The classic freestanding bathtub is oval and white. Play it safe with white. If you want to be more daring, Spa Ambiente also offers freestanding tubs in black or in natural stone. The greatest variety of shapes can be achieved with mineral casting. The best known material from this family is Corian. Since the material is cast, unusual shapes can be realized. Solid surface material also has the advantage of warm appearance and homogeneity. On its smooth surface, dirt, bacteria and germs have a hard time settling, which makes bathtubs made of mineral casting very easy to clean and durable. An alternative material for making freestanding bathtubs is acrylic, which is similarly malleable, but lighter and a bit more high-maintenance and non-recyclable. The crowning glory is freestanding tubs made of natural stone - as seen at Spa Ambiente. Their monolithic design is reminiscent of a rock in the surf and promises a unique, natural bathing experience. At 800 to 1,400 kg, however, a natural stone bathtub weighs a considerable amount, which may have to be transported to higher floors by crane. Nevertheless, every bathtub made of natural stone is unique and will provide a lifetime of pleasure. By the way, Spa Ambiente also offers exclusive washstands and basins made of river stone in various designs and sizes to match the tubs.

What you should consider before buying a freestanding bathtub

Immerse yourself in the comforting warm water - there is hardly a more beautiful ritual to escape from everyday life than a full bath. It's not for nothing that freestanding bathtubs, along with floor-level showers, are among the top trend products in bathroom design. Architects and bathroom planners love them and like to use expansive tubs as a dominant design element, especially in spacious private spas. For all their popularity, there are a few points to consider if you're looking to purchase a freestanding bathtub: Somewhat unusual may seem the tip to be sure to test lie in the tub before buying, but it is important for choosing the right bathtub. Even if the buoyancy effect of the water changes the lying position again, the "dry test lying" at least gives an idea of the relaxation feeling in the water-filled tub. When you stretch out, your feet should reach the other end and not slip off. So the tub should not be too big, but it should not constrict you while bathing either. Also make sure that the faucet and/or drain do not interfere. When purchasing a freestanding bathtub, the suitability of the structural conditions of your bathroom is just as decisive as your sense of well-being. To avoid nasty surprises, you should seek the advice of a structural engineer on the load-bearing capacity of the floor slab before buying, because freestanding bathtubs made of natural stone, for example, can be heavyweight even without water. In addition to transport route and statics, it is still necessary to ensure that the drain and inflow are located in the room or can be moved there during installation work. Remember that at best you need a free-standing fitting. In terms of sustainability and cost, you should certainly also take into account that freestanding bathtubs have a high water consumption. If you're a fan of bathing and don't let this scare you away, you can't opt for anything more beautiful than a freestanding bathtub. Nowhere can you enjoy idleness and relaxation more consciously than in a warm tub bath. Nowhere can you slip so well between fantasy and reality. Nowhere can thoughts digress better and creative ideas emerge. The stand-up bathtub is a temple of wellness, a design statement and an art motif all at once

Discover your favorite bathtub at Spa Ambiente

At Spa Ambiente you will find a wide selection of exclusive freestanding bathtubs. Either in the online store or in the picturesque bathroom showroom in Lotte near Osnabrück, where the company also has its headquarters in an old mill, alternatively in the showrooms of show lofts in Berlin or Munich. The Spa Ambiente team will be happy to advise you personally on site. In the showrooms, you can also take a look at selected bathroom furniture, washbasins, fittings, mirrors and bathroom accessories from Spa Ambiente's extensive range and plan your personal feel-good bathroom together with the experts. If you are coming from further away or cannot or do not want to make the journey, personal telephone consultation and virtual consultation via WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype are also possible. Simply call +49 5405 960 99-55 to make an appointment with one of the experts from Spa Ambiente.